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LIFESTYLE: Happy 1st Advent!

Happy 1st Advent to you all! Finally it is officially time to bang out the Christmas Hits, the mulled wine and basically all the good stuff. Unfortunately, our lecturers at university have decided to start Christmas time with a lot of homework, presentations and two exams coming up next week, which definitely didn´t made it easy to celebrate the Christmas spirit until now, but hey. Thats also why it was very quiet on here the past two weeks. But I thought I would take the chance and hop on here today to tell you that I do my very best in order to get some Christmas content up for you guys and to fight the “Grinch” in you.  However, although the weeks were actually really packed, as who I am aka THE Christmas person, I have made some several small things to celebrate the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year, including a glass of mulled wine with the girls, baking Christmas cookies, listening to Christmas songs and decorated the flat with some bits and bobs.

During the next weeks I hope I have some more Christmas content to show you. Handling university, a job and my blog isn´t always that easy, especially when you have exams and need additional hours (sometimes days) for just studying and understanding. I really miss blogging especially around this time of year, when I am full of ideas for recipes and other stuff. But next week after my exams my Christmas mood will be back, since the girls of my family come and visit me for a day full of mulled wine, hot chocolate, cookies, catching-up and girls shopping. I am soooo excited for that!.

Now I wish You all a lovely Sunday! Enjoy!


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