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#Salzburglove: Café 220 Grad, Nonntal


If you have ever been in Salzburg before, you might know the “big sister” of the 220 C° in Nonntal, which is the “original” in the city centre. If you do so you also know, that the coffee which is served there is really high standard, made with love and utterly delicious. As the “queen of coffee” as I casually call myself (btw), I have tested quite some coffees within the world, from New York, to London and back to Vienna, and I can guarantee you that the one at the 220 C° is amongst the best coffees in this world. It´s a coffee that actually deserve the term “coffee”!

The 220 C° Nonntal, was just recently opened, but rapidly evolved to a favourite of the whole city. Not only because everybody knows how good the coffee is, but also because the interior design is one the one hand industrial, but on the hand really cozy and chic. Located directly opposite of the Salzburg University, it makes it the perfect spot to have a break between classes and enjoy a really good cup of coffee and one of the several homemade cakes (f.e. sweet potato & lime, or poppy seed & raspberry). Speaking of university, the café also offers the student Wednesday, which means that all student get a discount of one euro on every coffee. But not only that, you are also able to get some incredible lunch options and even more important, maybe the most unique breakfast/brunch in the city. If you are searching for something special for breakfast, I would definitely recommend going there.

“Coffee” a magical, dark substance that turns “leave me alone” into “good morning honey”

Of course quality has its price tag, and I can definitely not afford to always drink my coffee there, but if then I know that I will get something for my money and that I will spend a really nice hour or two there, enjoying wonderful coffee and the atmosphere, favourable with some girlfriends to chat to.


As you might guessed, I really love the 220 C°. I would even go as far as that I am stating that it is my new favourite coffee spot. With the style of a “instagramable” big city café, homemade unique cakes and the best coffee in town, the 220 C° should be definitely on your bucket list when visiting Salzburg.

Café 220 C° Nonntal,
Nonntaler Hauptstrasse 9a
9020 Salzburg

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