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INTERIOR: Scented Candles You need this Winter


Especially during the colder months, we spend a lot of time at home preferably in your pj,s , on the couch, watching a good movie or series and having a cup of tea. In particular now, I invest a lot in my home, making it cozy and more “homely” than ever. And as soon as the calendar changes from October to November (and even before that most of the time) you can bet that at least one candle is burning in my flat. There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh scented candle. Especially if the weather outside is grey, wet and cold. Unfortunately for my candles and me the Autumn here in Salzburg wasn´t the best, since the days were really sunny and warm and it felt more like spring, than like Autumn. However, next week the weather forecast will me in my favour, so I thought I have to share the best scented candles with you, in case the weather finally gets more autumnal.

X The “Espresso” Candle

The “Espresso” Candle by Anthropologie is my absolute all time favourite. Not only that, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAin my opinion, Anthropologie candles have the highest quality of the reasonable priced candles out there, they also look so cute and you can use the jar afterwards to store brushes in there or cotton pads. They even come with a lid, so that on the one hand the scent is being “locked” in, and on the other hand this means that after burning the candle the jar is very versatile. The candles burn down very slowly and evenly and the scent fills the whole room. I can only recommend those candles. Other than the espresso candles they also offer scents like pear & cream, oatmeal cookie, vanilla & cinnamon, pumpkin spice latte and they all smell equally good, but I think have to admit that Espresso is my favourite. Smells like freshly brewed coffee.

X Fir & Firewood Candle

Speaking of Anthropologie, they offer another two of these years favourites. One of them is the fir and firewood candle. Since the space in my flat is limited and I don´t have the space for a real Christmas tree, this candle is my new best friend. It exactly smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree. I really like smells like that, a little bit like Christmas, but also a really fresh scent, which is really seldom for a Christmas scent. It also looks really nice, since it is a dark green jar with a copper lid and as with the other candle jar it makes a perfect jar to store little things afterwards.


X Spiced Cider

I swear this is the last candle from Anthropologie (What can I say, they have a lovely collection this year). The last one from them has (what a surprise) a really good packaging, but more important the candle smells amaaazzziinnggg! I would describe it as a mixture between mulled wine, spices and something fruity. Anthropologie describes the scent as

“a fruity, green aroma of apple, clove, fir, pine needle, white birch, cedar, vetiver, and musk” 

X The Broste Candle

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you might know that my mum and I live from Broste Candles, especially the coconut scent is burning at at least one of our households all year around and I can really recommend the candles by Broste Copenhagen, since they are really reasonable, but burn a long time, long really cute and minimalistic and small amazing. Now during the Christmas season they even have a ” Winterspice “and a “Merry Christmas” candle and let me tell you the Danish people know how to “bottle” Christmas in a jar. So so good! I just love them so much.

X IKEA Christmas Candle

If you want a lovely candle this Winter, but don´t want to spend a fortune, IKEA is (as always) your best friend. They have a great selection of candles this year in different packages so that they match every interior style. My favourite this year is the black and silver “Vinter” candle, which smells like vanilla, nutmeg and other spices and for 5 Euros this is a great deal.



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