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RECIPE: “Applestrudel” Porridge


The leaves are falling down the trees in hundreds of colours and although the temperature is not really dropping under 20 degrees, a slight hue of “Autumn feeling” is in the air and I am not going to lie ” I loovveeee it!”. Autumn is just my favourite season of the year. Not only because nature changes and looks incredible, but also because its apple and pumpkin season and I loovveee them too. Something I also love during the colder months is a warm breakfast, especially porridge, since it is so easy to make and keeps you full until lunch. So I just combined two of my favourite things, which therefore, makes it my new favourite breakfast for Autumn. So let´s make your day a little bit more autumnal!

You will need for 2 bowls:

x 100g oats
x 250ml milk
x 1 Tbsp vanilla sugar
x a handful of raisins
x a pinch of cinnamon
x 6 tbsp apple sauce
x some goji berries, berries or other fruit to top it with

Just put the oats, milk, raisins , sugar and cinnamon in a small pot and heat it up. Let it cook until it has a gooey consistency. Fill it into a bowl and leave it for a couple of minutes. Then top it off with the apple sauce, cinnamon and sprinkle with the goji-berries or other berries.



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