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HOTEL REVIEW: The Peninsula New York


Located at the north of the 5th Avenue in New York City, only two blocks away from Central Park, you will find paradise, or the closest you can be to paradise on earth: The Peninsula. Something “normal” people like me, pass and envy all the people that live there. But not this time! My mum and I were extremely lucky and got a really good offer for our four nights in New York last week, so we took some money in our hands and had some incredible nights (and days) at the Peninsula. From the very first beginning we felt absolutely welcomed. The receptionist (unfortunately I cannot remember her name!) was such a lovely person and when she heard that it was my first time visiting New York City, she gave us a room which was located at the 20th floor, so that we could get the complete “New York Feeling”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Due to that change of plans, our room was not clean by the time we wanted to check-in, it was going to take another 5-10 (!) minutes, so we were invited for some drinks at the hotel bar, which was definitely the perfect start to some perfect days in New York! Let´s get into some details!






X What I really liked about the Peninsula 

x The Staff: Every single employee that I spoke to was polite, helpful and amazing! Of course, it can be argued that the Peninsula is one of the Leading Hotels of the world and that this has to be standard, but after working in the tourism industry I can assure you that it takes a lot of self-discipline and courage to maintain a face, regardless of the wishes and wants of the customer. They were so thoughtful and accomodating. I really felt like a princess the whole stay.

But not only the staff that you spoke to and saw was amazing, but furthermore the housekeeping team was incredible. Regardless of how long you leave your room for, if you come back the bed is made, the toilet paper is “artsy” fold and you have a fresh bottle of water next to your bed.

x The 30 Years Exhibition: Due to the 30th anniversary they had an exhibition of modern art throughout the hotel. There were pieces from Andy Warhol for example. My mum knew them all and it was so lovely to find the pictures throughout the hotel. (And it also meant that I was able to avoid a visit in a real modern art museum. Let´s just say I a not the biggest fan of modern art!) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

x The Interior The interior in the rooms and throughout the hotel was just my come true dream. Very elegant and classy, with a hint of modern influence. So so lovely!

x The location Right across the St. Regis, the Peninsula is located at 5th Avenue and therefore it is the perfect location for all the excursion

x The Rooftop Bar Unfortunately we didn´t had a proper chance to really use it, due to the fact that only at one evening we had really good weather and that meant that most of the inhabitants of Manhatten had the same idea, so that the bar was full. But we had the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view over the 5th Avenue and Central Park by night. So if you visit New York, you definitely have to step by and try to get hold of a free spot.










X What could be improved

x Prices Of course I knew that it was going to be expensive. In a hotel were a night costs almost four diggits for a standard room I expected it to be, but I calculated what two porridges, a coffee and two juices would have cost and I came nearly to a 3 diggits number, without tax and tip and I think that this is a little bit overpriced. But of course this is something that has to be expected when you check-in in such hotels, so this is not a bad point, just something to improve.

All in all the stay with the Peninsula in New York was the best stay in a hotel I ever experienced in my life. It was a truly magical experience and it really felt like home to me and my mum and we enjoyed every single second of our stay to the fullest. So I would rate the Peninsula a 4,9/5,0! If you ever get the chance to stay there you should definitely take it. You can get the complete “princess” feeling.


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