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INTERIOR: Storage Ideas for small spaces


Endless storage space, a walk-in closet, an seperate office… that´s what my dreams are made off. However, reality looks way different. Living in a 25 qm flat does not leave you with endless space and storage possibilities so you have to arrange yourself (and the hundreds of bits and bobs that you actually need, but never touch again after finding a spot for them). After one year of living in my little Appartement (which btw I am totally in love with!), I have found quite some hacks that I want to share with all of you, that might struggle with organisation.

1.Invest in storage that actually look nice

Especially with a small general space there is not always the possibilities to hide any boxes or baskets, which means that it is well spend money. For example, quiet  recently I bought a basket from Tine K Home to put underneath my bedside table. I put all the things in there that normally find their way onto my bedside table, such as the book I am currently reading, some handcream, a hair tie and all the other bits and bobs that find their way around. It looks so tidy, but actually inside the basket there is everything mixed together. Also a basket is also a great investment in general, since you always find another use for it.

Or another good investment are wooden boxes (you can also get them at IKEA), because they look really nice, you can paint them in any colour, so that they match your scheme and they are reusable and suitable for so many occasions. I even have one under the sink to organise my cleaning utensils.

2. Hidden Spaces

Quite obvious is the statement that you have to make the most of your available space, something which is sometimes forgotten about is the massive space underneath your bed. Make the most out of it! For example, you can buy those flat, see-through boxes at IKEA, which fit perfectly under the bed. I have two underneath my bed, one for extra bed sheets and covers and one where I store my winter jackets, so that they do not use up as much space in my closet. Don´t worry you are not able to see them, unless you look under the bed.



3. Don´t forget the walls!

Also the walls provide you with some good amount of space. Of course, it does not look very appealing if you hang up one shelf after the other, but here and there it really helps you, especially in the kitchen. My kitchen is around 2,5 qm, so not really a place to host a cookshow and therefore the amount of food storage is really limited. I decided to do an open shelf, to at least have to most necessary things on display, such as flour, sugar, muesli etc. So I am able to grab them quick in the morning, or when I need them, but they also don´t take up space. If you do an open shelf I would definitely invest in some jars to store things, this looks much more organised and you can even label them cute :P. Also the Nespresso-capsules look so much nicer in a jar, agree?



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