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RECIPE: Coconut Raspberry Energy Balls + NutriBullet Review


Two weeks ago I finally invested in a NutriBullet. After I was thinking about it for over an year and after some research it finally arrived at my doorstep. I always liked smoothies and açaí bowls and all that kind of stuff but for some reason I never decided to buy anything that allowed me to make them myself. As you may know, since three weeks I reduced the amount of carbs in my diet due to health reasons and I have to say I am so happy with that decision (don’t worry I will give you an update on this soon!). In the course of this diet change I thought it would be also nice to be able to drink smoothies in the morning instead of having a full on breakfast, which was the main trigger behind buying the NutriBullet. I decided to not go all out and buy the most professional and expensive one, since I was unsure weather I would actually use it on a regular basis or not. My main concern with buying such a NutriBullet was if the power was enough to actually crush ice. So I went online and read some reviews and after I read that the 600 series was able to crush ice, but also is not that expensive, I went for it! And I can tell you two things, firstly yes it crushes ice perfectly fine and secondly I am deeply in love. Since, buying it there was only one day where I did not use it, which was the day where I was sick, and my body refused to take any kind of food (FYI)! Even my little sister, who hates any kind of fruit or vegetable, drinks now every kind of vegetable (the best thing is that she did not even taste the avocado in her banana smoothie). So if you have children, that refuse to eat their fruit, this is the solution! She actually asks in the morning if I can make her a smoothie! However, let´s give you a detailed review, followed by a delicious way to use the NutriBullet.

Nutribullet, Wonderbullet?

As I already told you, my biggest concern was the power of the NutriBullet, since I cannot stand warm smoothies, it was a necessity for me to buy a “smoothiemaker” that actually crushes ice. I mean there is nothing more disgusting for me then a warm banana smoothie for breakfast. So I tested the NutriBullet quite nervous for the first time. But my “anxiety” was unnecessary, the 600 series cuts ice like butter if you have enough liquid in the smoothie. Creamy banana slushies or an iced coffee, no issue (thank god!). Actually, up to now, I never had any issues with crushing something, if you have enough liquid in your mixture. For example making nice cream from frozen bananas is no Problem at all. If it has not  enough liquid it does not work properly with the standard version, but I learned from a friend, that there actually exists a grinder for the NutriBullet, so if you use the grinding function on a regular basis I would go for a NutriBullet amixer with a higher general power or I would buy the extra grinder.

So all in all I love my NutriBullet and I definitely would recommend buying one, if you are a lover of smoothies, acai bowls and co. It is also really useful if you drink a lot of Protein shakes or Fitness shakes.


RECIPE: Coconut Raspberry Energy Balls

When I was waiting at Stansted Airport last month, I had the necessary stop at Starbucks, where I ordered a big latte but furthermore I tried one of the Deliciously Ella energy balls, and I was sold. They were sweet, filling, but also healthy. When I bought the NutriBullet I had in mind that I was now able to create such delicious, helathy Snacks and last week I gave it a try. Unfortunately, we had no dates home, which the reason why today I mixed some rasberries and coconuts, rather than dates and other stuff. A more summer apropriated Version.

x 140g frozen raspberries
x 60g coconut flour
x 2 tbsp. honey
x 120g oats
x a dash of almond milk or coconut milk
x a handful of chia seeds and oconut shavings

Put all the ingredients in the NutriBullet and blend. If the mixture is to dry, add some more liquid until you reached a consistency, that you can roll into balls. Roll the mixture into balls and afterwards roll them in some desicated coconut. You can store the energy balls in the fridge for up to oine week.




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