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DRINKS: Blackberry Moscow Mule

Some months ago, when I was in Marrakech with my family, we enjoyed the sunset with some cocktails on the rooftop of our hotel and I had a Moscow mule for the first time. I have seen those shiny rosegold cups and I loved the look of it, but I was never a fan of vodka anyway, therefore I never tried it before Marrakech.

If I am being honest with you, I ordered it in Marrakech mostly because of the rosegold cup, because I was shooting blog pictures and it would have looked so nice. Yep, you read right would have, at the bar they did not serve Moscow mule in one of those shiny pinteresty cups, no they served it in one made of clay. Karma slapped me in the face there, directly in the middle. However, my order for the gram lead to me trying and actually liking Moscow mule. It has to be said that you do not really taste the vodka.

Two weeks ago I ordered two of those cups as a birthday gift for a friend of mine on Westwing, but they did not arrive in time, so I had to buy something else and keep them myself and even if I did not get the gram in Marrakech, I have now the opportunity to take as many pictures as I want. Always look on the bright side. And I had to take the opportunity to do something with our homegrown blackberries from the garden. Therefore, you can see the combination of blackberries and shiny rosegold cups in todays post. Enjoy!

You will need for two mules:

x 10 – 12 blackberries
x around 300 ml ginger ale or kombucha
x 80ml vodka
x ice cubs
x blackberries and rosemary

Put the blackberries and the ice in a cup and crush them with a fork. Then add 40ml of vodka and lastly fill up with the ginger ale. Finish everything off with some rosemary and some extra blackberries on top!

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