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LIFESTYLE: 20 Facts about me

It has been forever since I did my last “facts about me” post. I think it was actually one of the first ones I did, when I started my blog two years ago (holy crap time has gone!). And since there are quite some new people reading this blog, I thought I share some random facts with you, so that you get to know me a little bit better. Since the last time, I have changed quite a bit and there might be some new things for all of you. So let´s start!

  1. I like things being centred and aligned with the thing next to it. Furthermore I would sort it after colour. I also sort the Fineliners on my desk after colour. Yep, some call me Sheldon.
  2. I love the smell and air after it has rained heavenly and I love rain and thunderstorms.
  3. My brain is useless after 10 pm.
  4. My closet contains 99% black clothes.
  5. If I would be able to eat only one dish for the rest of my life, it would be Tiramisu.
  6. If I start a book and I like it you won´t see me for days, until I finish it. That´s the reason why I do not start new books during exam phase.
  7. My all time favourite book is definitely “Harry Potter”
  8.  A day without a coffee…. I do not know what a day without coffee feels like
  9. I love driving!
  10. My favourite language in the world is Swedish, which is why I started to study it.
  11. Speaking of Sweden, it is also my favourite country in the world and I want to spend a part of my life there, maybe even my whole, we will se.
  12. I think my endless love for coconuts is nothing new.
  13.  I study Innovation & Management in Tourism and I absolutely love it.
  14. Speaking of studying, I am a big fan of statistics.
  15.  I like soft ice more than Italian ice cream.
  16. Regarding ice cream, my favourite dessert (if Tiramisu is not available) is vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil
  17. If I would be the good of season, after spring there would be autumn.
  18. I hate it when things are unorganised, especially when it has something to do with dates and meetings and I do not know what I have exactly to do on that day and where I have to be. Yes I know that this sounds crazy.
  19. I aim to be on time all the time and if I am not (which is really rare, since on-time for me means ten minutes before due) I hate it so so much.
  20.  I love doing sudoko,s

Now we reached the end of those 20 facts. I appreciate that you are still reading and didn’t left after the sentence with the coloursorting thing. See you!

2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: 20 Facts about me

  1. I’ve tried Sudoku, even on easy after like a game I am done because my brain is shot. I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden, I heard it’s gorgeous. I love driving too, it helps me relax unless there is traffic then I am a ball of anxiety. I love thunderstorms and having my shades open while falling asleep listening to the thunder. It was nice to meet ya!


    1. Nice to meet ya too! You have to do sudokus a couple of times then you develop “an eye” for some combinations of numbers! Sweden is so gorgeous! In my opinion the most beautiful country in the world! Ya falling asleep with the sound of heavy rain and thunder is the best thing in the world!❤️


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