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RECIPE: Acai Bowl


When my sister and I were in Hamburg last year, I had an Acai bowl for breakfast. After it has been hyped on social media for months, I was sitting in a coffeeshop in Hamburg and they had it on the menue. As I wanted to understand what´s the hype about, so obviously I had to order it. And I have to say, I definitely understood the hype. Unfortunately I was not able to eat Acai bowl anywhere here in Carinthia and also I was not able to find a place in Salzburg (if you have recommendations, pleaseeee!!!), therefore my love for Acai bowl had to wait until yesterday, when finally my Nutribullet (I will write a review in the next weeks) arrived and I was able to recreate it myself. I guess that by the end of the Summer I have either red teeth, or just the word Acai bowl makes me gag. I will keep you updated, but before that I will share my recipe for my new favourite breakfast with you. Let´s whisk some frozen fruits together.

You will need for 2 bowls:
x 2 frozen bananas in slices
x 2 tsp. acai powder
x 100g frozen blueberries
x 100ml coconut water or any kind of liquid
x 3-4 crushed ice cubes
x if you want you can add a tsp. of maple syrup or honey
x then you need something to garnish, I love raspberries, chia seeds, coconut flakes, bananas, blueberries, paleo muesli, almonds, etc. but actually you can use everything.

It is really easy if you have a good blender, just put everything in the blender and whisk until you have a smooth mixture, which is a little bitter thicker than a smoothie. Just put your toppings on top. It is really as easy as it sounds, but sooooooo yummy. 

PS: If you crave something more sweet like a “dessert”, just replace the Acai powder with some cocoa power and you will get a really yummy chocolatey bowl. I would replace the frozen blueberries with frozen raspberries, since I think that they match with chocolate so good. 




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