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LIFESTYLE: Books for the Summer

For some people a clothing shop might be paradise, or the supermarket, for me bookshops are my fave. I love the smell of new books, and that everything has an order. You can really dive into all those stories and spent a long time in there. If you do not want to spend your time at the bookshop, summer is the perfect time to spend hours and hours reading at the lake or sea, whilst tanning, or drinking a nice cup of iced coffee.

The “Ericka Falck” crime series by Camilla Läckberg

 My love for Swedish crime novels is endless. Ever since visiting Sweden for the first time (ten years ago), I fell in love not only with the country, but moreover with the crime books. I have spent hours and hours with “the girl and the dragon tattoo” and Stieg Larsson and I loved it to death. My newest love are the “Ericka Falck” Crime series by Camilla Läckberg. The storyline is marvellous, the described scenery breathtaking and the crime level is just perfect. For everyone that isn´t to excited about reading, the whole series is also available on Netflix and I have to say, the transformation from the books to the TV was successfully. They are really nice to watch.

Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kehlmann

I wanted to read this book for some months, but for some reason I did not start with it until a month ago. The title and the back text sounded really interesting and  I started it when I was finished with university. First of all, it has to be said that the book is definitely not boring, but it also not one of those books that you easily read. The content is really really interesting but you need to be concentrated in order to understand the meaning behind it. Therefore, I am did not finish the book yet, but definitely will within the next week or two.

Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

I follow Niomi  on social media for more than four years now and ever since I admired her dedication to health, fitness and healthy food and when  was in London I saw her book in the book store and I decided not to buy it due to the weight restrictions when flying, but rather order it when I get home again. As life goes on you forget that you wanted to order something and here we are two years later, when I finally remembered this book because I was on the hunt for a vegan cookbook. This book has definitely not disappointed. The imagery is so beautifully and the recipes are really good for a day to day cooking. Nothing too fancy, but all the time with a little something. I marked a lot of recipes that I want to try out and I definitely want to try some within the next days.

The case Moriaty by Anthony Horowitz

First of all, it has to be stated that I love love love Sherlock Holmes. The books of course, but moreover the BBC TV Series with Benedict Cumberbatch. You can definitely find this series on my top ten list. Actually, I cannot remember how I found out about this book, but when I saw it it had to go into my shopping cart. I loved the sound of the storyline and I am really excited to read it. If you like Sherlock Holmes, this might also be something for you.


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