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TRAVEL: Tips for Marrakech

Recently I scrolled through the posts I have posted during the last weeks and I somehow realized that I never shared Marrakech tips with you, so what we did and where we ate. I do not know how I could have missed this post until now, since I love to write them and I have a lot of pictures I want to share with you. As I told you in my Marrakech posts before, we stayed there for five nights, unfortunately I had to leave two days earlier, due to exams I had to write at university. However I saw a lot and we also did a lot the time I was there. Two recommendations I am going to show you I did not experience myself, but my mum did, and I can assure you that if it is mum-approved it is more than okay.



Of course the important stuff at the beginning. If you do some research you will find more or less the same recommendations for Marrakech, so I tried some of those, but also some new ones. I hope you get inspired!

Patron de la mer


This was the restaurant in our hotel “2Ciels Boutique Hotel”. I wrote a hotel review here, if you want some more information. The restaurant itself was like the rest of the hotel, beautiful, with a lot of attention to detail and lots of love towards the interior. The atmosphere was so elegant and nice and definitely insta-worthy. Same applies to the food, which was really delicious and made with love. Generally spoken, the food was Spanish and sea-food orientated, since they had dishes like Paella, fish dishes and other Spanish specialities. But they also had some traditional Moroccan dishes. All in all I can really really recommend the “Patron de la mer”. I think we ate three times there throughout the week in Marrakech.

2Ciels Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa
Rue Oued El Makhazine ,
Angle Rue Imam Chafai –
40000 Marrakech, Maroc

Terrace des éspices 

This is one of the recommendations you will find all over the internet. We did not go to the actual restaurant itself, but we had a coffee and some Moroccan pastries at the bakery that belongs to the café. And I can really recommend the bakery. It´s the perfect little spot for relaxing  a bit, since the Medina can get a little overwhelming.

Terrace des éspices



 Another one of those Instagram recommendations, but I know why it is such a recommendation. Although it is really pricy for Marrakech, it is at the top of the Medina, so that you have some fresh air, which is really rare in the Medina. And the restaurant is really as Instagram-worthy as it is looks. Furthermore you have a beautiful view over the Medina. Since, NOMAD and the pottery shop “Chabi-Chic” belongs together, the danger is high that you fall in love with the tableware.

Patisserie “Lalah Moulati”

Another recommendation inside the medina with a terrace on top. We had some soup there and some drinks, but what was really delicious were the pastries and Moroccan cookies.




Speaking of Chabi-Chic, this is definitely a shopping-recommendation. Although, it is as well on the more pricy side it is definitely worth a visit. The tableware is so beautiful, that you want to take the shop home. My mum bought some espresso-cups wich are grey and white striped with a gold detail on top. The salesman at the shop told us that the gold detail is even real gold so definitely something special.

Jardin Majorelle 

Although the headline is confusing, I actually do not mean the garden itself, but rather the shops in front of the garden. There are some really nice shops, that have some handmade gifts and products. Of course, they are a little expensive, since they are located directly at a sight, but they have some really nice and unique products. Furthermore, I also recommend the little café at the corner there, especially the cool mint drink was really delicious and the ice cream was really good. They had some really interesting flavours like rosewater or honey and yoghurt.



Jardin Majorelle

Now I mean the real garden! The first time we went to the garden the queue in front of the garden was endless so we decided to skip the garden. However, some days later my dad saw a picture from the garden and said that actually he really wants to see it and he googled the times were the queue was shorter. And in our case we had luck because the second time we went there we waited like ten minutes to go in and it was definitely worth the wait. Although the entry is quite expensive, it is really stunning and breath-taking. I never saw a garden like this before! The combination of enormous cacti and the Yves Saint Laurent blue is truly magical and a unique experience.

Anima Garden

Staying with gardens, another recommendation from my side is a trip to the Anima garden, which was designed by André Heller, so you can expect some crazy sculptures and interesting combinations of plants and colours. You can take a shuttle directly from the Medina to the garden, which is a little bit outside of the city. Then you can have a long walk and discover tour throughout the garden and at the end you can enjoy a coffee or drink at the café inside the garden. If you are from Austria, this is a location where you can get “Mannerschnitten” in Marrakech, if you feel homesick.






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