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LIFESTYLE: Hello June!

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Although the headline might be a little missleading, since half of the month is already over, I think sitting here and writing this blogpost is one of the rare occasions where I really relaxed throughout this month. But lets start at the beginning!

At the end of May I had my final day of university (at least for the second semester!), which was really relieving  after one and a half months of constantly learning and studying  for exams. My life was just going to university, studying for an exam, writing the exam, going home and studying for the next exam. I mean I also drank a lot of coffee and ate something, but most of the time I was either studying or searching for jobs where I do not need any kind of university degree. Ah, I nearly forgot that I had some sleep from time to time. But okay, I chose to go to an university of applied sciences and I have to say that overall I am really happy with my study program and I am really interested into the topics that are taught. So I actually I am looking forward to go to university again in October. I say that now, but you cannot count me on that in October!

Before going back to Salzburg in October I am going to spend the Summer in Carinthia back at my parents house because I work for months in Carinthia at the reception of a hotel at a lake near my hometown. Until now I really enjoy the work and I actually learned a lot. Also I can learn a lot for my study program. The next months are going to be a little hectic, since July and August are the most travel intensive months, but I am excited to gain knowledge and experience. Furthermore, I also have very nice colleagues, so working makes even more fun. Additionally, I really like the fact that I come home from work and I do not have to do anything other, than spending time with my family, what at the moment means that we watch football on TV. Normally, nobody from my family watches “normal” football, like the national one or anything like that, but as soon as the world Championship or European championship starts, my family gets football crazy, and we watch nearly every play. Its the same with Olympic games! I am the only one that really watches sport around the year, but as soon as the Olympic games start I hardly get a space on the couch.

I am actually looking forward to spending the summer in Carinthia. There are by far worse places to spend a Summer and until now I even like it to live with my family again. I thought it would be a lot harder after living eight months on my own, but it is actually okay (I talked to you in October again!). I mean my sister and my are the complete opposite when it comes to tiding a room, but I just shut the eyes when going to bed, since we share a room and I am not at home most of the time anyway. Hopefully I will also do some traveling or hiking in the Summer. Because I cannot live without travelling for more than one month. Although, I am going to fly to New York in October, which was a long dream of mine and I cannot tell you how excited I am. If you have any recommendations, let me know them in the comments.! I am already pinning and saving things I want to see all over my social networks. It is going to be just a mother, daughter excursion and I am so excited for that, since my mum and I were in Paris together a couple of years ago (definitely have to go back there soon!) and it was one of the best holidays I ever had in my life, which means something! I think thats I everything I have to tell you today, I hope you have a lovely day!

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

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