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DIY: Pom Pom Basket


Today is the day where I end a long period of no DIY blogposts here on the blog (I cannot even remember the last DIY I posted!). Last week my mum and I decided to redecorate some parts of the garden, including our little lounge area next to the pool. To my pleasure, my mum left the whole decorating part to me, which I really liked. I hope that you will see the finished “product” next week (still waiting for some pillow cases to arrive). However, I was really inspired by our visit in Marrakech last month (you can see some impressions here). So I went for light colours and some morrocan patterns. When we were in Morroco, my mum and I bought baskets with letters and pom poms, which are really cute and perfect for taking to the market or beach. For the lounge area I wanted to include something like that, for styling purposes, but also as a little reminder, so I used a basket as a pot for a plant. For my taste, it looked a little pit to plain, so I created my own pom poms, from some wool I had left over. Now it is a statement piece and looks really really nice. So if you are looking for some inspiration on how to pimp baskets or lamps or whatever, then this might be your solution!

You will need:

  • a basket (I bought mine at IKEA for 12,99 Euros)
  • a scissor
  • a pen
  • wool (I used grey, beige and pale pink)
  • some cardboard

On the cardboard, draw a circle. The circle demonstrates how big the pom pom is going to be. Then draw a second circle inside that is 1,5 cm smaller than the first. Cut the outer and the inner circle out. Cut 8 strings from the wool that are around 2 meters long. Start to wrap the strings around the cardboard until the hole in the middle is really small. If you run out of string, just cut some new ones and move on with wrapping. When you finished wrapping, you have to cut around, and then tie all the strings together. Now you have to style it a little bit, shortening strings that are longer than the rest and roll it a little bit in your hands to get that extra “puff”. Repeat this to make another pom pom. Then all you have to do is to put the pom poms on the basket and pimp your terrace.



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