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Hello Salzburg, there is a new hotspot around! Directly located in the city centre of Salzburg, which makes it the perfect spot to watch the people of Salzburg on a Saturday morning. Last month the “Herr Leopold” opened his doors for friends of the Viennese coffee culture. So, of course I had to give it a go. Two weeks ago my friends and me, went there for a coffee on a nice sunny Saturday. Of course the city was busy but we had no issue with getting a table. Since it was such a lovely day, we ordered some Aperols and Hugos and of course also a cappuccino. The staff was really polite and the coffee really good. What we liked especially, were all the little details. For instance, the coffee cup said “Herr Leopold” and when you drank a little bit there was also something written. The whole colour concept with the turquoise and black is so adorable, but everything was topped by the menu. I never saw something so cute in my life. There were quotes in dialect and cute drawings, and it was so lovely to sit there and just read in the menu. The only thing that slightly bothered me, were the prices. I mean for Salzburg they are quite normal, but since I come from somewhere where 3 Euros for a cappuccino is really pricey, the 3,90 Euro for a cappuccino really bother me. But okay, I guess I need some more time to get used to that!

The “Herr Leopold” should also earn an award for their interior! Pink velvet, green marble and gold accents. It looks a little bit like a mixture of the “Guesthouse” in Vienna and a big shopping splurge on “Westwing”. Just adorable! We did not try any sweets, but they looked utterly delicious, especially the yeast dumblings with vanilla sauce!

All in all I can really recommend the “Herr Leopold” and I think that it will get more and more hyped throughout the next months. I really like the concept and the mixture between traditional “Kaffeehaus” and a modern interpretation! They will definitely see me again in the future!


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