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#SALZBURGLOVE: The Bakery by Didi Maier

Some weeks I went to have a lovely breakfast with a dear friend. We tried out “The Bakery by Didi Maier”, because we wanted to go to IKEA as well afterwards and the Bakery is at the opposite of IKEA here in Salzburg. But of course this wasn´t the only reason, I have heard some very good things about the bakery and wanted to try it myself for some weeks now. We had breakfast there and also we were very lucky t get a table, because there were definitely more people than places who wanted to have breakfast. For my breakfast I had the Avocado toast, fluffy pancakes and a cappuccino and my friend had also the Avocado toast, Bircher Muesli and a cappuccino as well. I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed in the size of the cappuccino, because for 3,30 Euros it was very small (but slowly but surely I am not surprised anymore with the prices of coffee here in Salzburg!). Something which is also a big minus point for me is that they only accept cash, which is for card-kids like me a horror, but okay luckily there is a cash machine next door.

But the food was amazing, especially the Avocado Toast looked beautiful (very important for Instagram pics!) and tasted even more delicious. The bread was crusty, the mixture between avocado and cottage cheese very good and they also had some spices, cress and sprouts, which made it extra yummy. The pancakes were very yummy and also very fluffy, which I like the best. I had them just with maple syrup, but you can get them also with berries, which s definitely a reason to go back. Unfortunately I forgot to ask my friend how the Bircher Muesli tasted, but she ate it completely, therefore I guess it was not bad at all. On another note (except for the cappuccino) it was a very cheap breakfast, because I paid for all my stuff 11,70 Euros which is very good.

Fazit: I really liked the breakfast at the bakery and I can definitely recommend it. I would also recommend it to everyone who wants a nice piece of cake, because they look utterly delicious and the types sounded amazing.





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