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BEAUTY: January Favourites


If you look out of the window these days, you can see definitely that spring is coming our way, which I am a little bit sad about due to the fact that I am the biggest Winter lover on this planet earth, especially with snow falling in front of my window, but okay at least I can go swimming again soon! Last week I had a look when I uploaded my last Beauty post and since that was quite some time ago and I also have some new current favourites you don´t know about yet, I thought I would share my beauty favourites from January with you. Let me know in the comments if you want post like this on a regular basis, including also other favourites like lifestyle, food or other things.

I discovered quite some new products last month, which I am really happy with and which changed my routine and skin quite some bit. In December I tried out the Bi-oil for the first time, because since my teenage years I had quiet some problems with a light form of Acne and my body does not find it easy to heal scars, therefore I tried the Bi-oil to help my skin to recover. Although I use it only one time per day (the package says two times per day), before going to bed I can see some really good improvements and I am definitely going to use it in the future. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As the biggest nail polish collector under the sun I was really happy to see when I walked into the shop last week and they had the Essie Polish “Social Lights”, which I wanted ever since I saw it and I do not regret this buy ever since. It is such a beautiful colour and very unique and a mix between summer and winter, which is very suitable for this time of year. It is a grey tone but when you move the nail it sparkles golden and a little bit pink as well, very very beautiful.

Some weeks ago I was in Munich, and as I wanted to make myself ready in the morning I look into my beauty bag and I have forgotten my day cream as well as my make up. Normally this wouldn´t bother me at all, but you know this time of the month and my skin are not very good friends and my skin was not clear at all, therefore I was very unconscious going outside without any coverage. Therefore it took me 10 minutes to go to the nearest organic supermarket and buy the Beneceos BB cream. And I can thank god that I forgot my make up that day, because the BB cream is amazing and furthermore (please seat yourself now) it costs only 2,99 Euros, which is an absolute bargain. It smells like you would expect to smell an organic BB cream (I don´t want to offend anybody!), but it covers very good for a BB cream. The consistency of it is very thick which makes it feel like a normal make-up when applying it, but not when you wear it later, then it just feels like a normal day cream. I really love it and I hope I can get hold of it here in Austria (otherwise my dad has to do some shopping when he is in Munich. I can tell you he is going to looovvveee it, not!)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn another nail note, I am also more than obsessed with the Essie apricot nail oil. As a person, who has always dry cuticles I tried out quiet some oils in the past, and I can tell you that is a very good one. I don´t have those annoying dry bits anymore, that at some point get sore, rip off and then your finger hurts for more than two weeks. I don´t know them anymore. As a tip, coconut oil has the same kind of healing, but in my opinion it doesn´t sink in as fast as the Essie oil and it doesn´t smell as good, but if you got coconut oil at home and don´t want to spend money again, there you go.

Last but not least I discovered a new micellar water, which is amazing. After using the Garnier micellar water for more than three years, I decided to try a new one, because I had the feeling that the Garnier one had to much oil in there and my skin did not react that well anymore. Therefore I chose to give the Diadermine micellar water, which is made for oily skin and I have to say that the Garnier one got a competitor. Although the Garnier one is better for removing make up, the Diadermine suits my skin better, but I will keep you updated!

January Favourites



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