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Today I am going to show you another new favourite of mine here in Salzburg. Last week I went to the “Afro Café” for the first time in order to have breakfast with some friends from university. The first thing I absolutely loved was the interior, because it was something totally different than you would expect in Salzburg. Very colourful and funny. The second thing I loved was the menu, because everything sounded delicious and they had some standard breakfasts with a twist and some breakfast options that were totally new and very uncommon, but sounded delicious, so there is something for every taste on the menu. What blew my mind was then the coffee options they had! They had every single milk option you could imagine, which is a big bonus point nowadays, because many people suffer from lactose intolerance or have a plant based diet. Although I don´t have that much issues with “normal” milk, I think it is good to switch the milk from time to time.

For breakfast I had “Ham & Eggs”, which were absolutely delicious and they were made with free-range eggs, which makes your breakfast taste twice as good. Additionally I had also waffles, which were also good but didn´t blew my mind. They were not fluffy at all, but rather like toast from the consistency and the toppings were also really standard as they come with maple syrupe, cream, and fruits. But the best part from the breakfast was definitely the coffee. It is very seldom that people get the perfect ratio of coffee and milk in a cappuchino, but this one was utterly delicious.

I would definitely recommend going to the “Afro Café”! The next time I am going to try some of the fancy breakfast stuff and I will drink at least 4 cappuchinos. I also saw the lunch menu and I am definitely going to try out some of the lunch too, because it sounded really delicious.

Afro Café, Bürgerspitalplatz 5, 5020 Salzburg



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