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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Stockholm

Stockholm 1

Hello and welcome in 2018! Let this be the best year of your life! After London, Stockholm is my second favourite city in the whole wide world. There are only a few cities out there, which have the same kind of elegance, beauty and charme.  It was my third time visiting Stockholm and definitely not the last time I was here. Since I did not blog when we were the last tow times here, I thought I would give you a summary of all the restaurants and cafés we tried over the year and can confirm that they are exceptional good. Just a quick warning if you are hungry, this post might not be the best for you!

PS: Please excuse the pictures, I forgot my camera that day and had to shoot them with the phone! The next ones are going to be better.


This bakery is heaven in a shop. I first spotted them in London and ever since I am in love. They have very good breads and pastries, the interior is outstanding and instagramable af and the staff was always very nice and friendly. If you visit them one in Stockholm please do yourself a favour and try out all the different styles of Kannebullar they have, you will thank me later. Look at your Google Maps where you find the nearest shop to you, because they have quite some shops throughout the city.

Fabrique, Centralplan 15, 111 20, Stockholm



This might be what a vegetarian heaven looks like! I recommend going there in the Summer because the garden is amazing and you have a wonderful view over Stockholm, since the restaurant is located on a small hill. But it is very nice to have a little walk up there, eat with the view and then have a walk back to the city. Hermans offers a vegetarian buffet at a very reasonable price and afterwards you can enjoy marvellous cakes and coffees up there. I think I remember that they also have vegan options, but you might check that first. Its a really nice place in Stockholm and I cannot recommend it enough.

Hermans, 23B Fjaellgatan, 116 28, Stockholm

3.Gamla Enskede Matbod

This is a very new addition to our Stockholm favourites, but maybe one of the best ones on this list. We went there for my mums birthday and we were blown away. Let me tell you this is something special. The whole ambience, food and staff is just amazing. It has its price, but that is totally worth it. I had the “beef tartar” and a steak and both was outstanding. You can expect something like you would see in “Chef´s Table”. I love this place.

Gamla Enskede Matbod, Stockholmsvagen 17, 112 62, Stockholm



We found this cute little corner by accident, but these are usually the best spots right? it is hidden in a small shopping mall, which is incredible cute. You can definitely spend some time there if the weather plays not for your favour. We went there just for coffee and cake, but they also offer a lunch buffet and some snacks like a ham and cheese toastie, but the cake variation is simply the best. I went for the “Princesstarta”, which is my all time favourite cake in the whole wide world. My mum had a super delicious chocolate cake and my sister a lemon baiser tarte (which comes second on my favourite cake list, just if you wonder!).

Konditoriet4 Stureplan, Stockholm 114 35, Sweden

I hope you liked this little guide. Let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendations, because I visited Stockholm not for the last time that’s for sure!




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    1. Yeah you definitely have to go! I don’t know I just bloody love it! The whole layout of the city with the water in between, the architecture of the houses, Gamla Stan, all the cute coffee shops and restaurants, and many more things. But I love Sweden as a country, so maybe I have to love Stockholm! 😊😝

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