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SALZBURGLOVE: Christmas in Salzburg

Christmas 2

While I am writing this blogpost I have a beautiful view over in snow covered fields and snowy trees. Oh, Austria sometimes you are so beyond beautiful that it takes my breath away. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. Especially now when everything is covered in snow, Austria is the one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. On another note guys, yesterday we hit the half way on the way to Christmas, how amazing is that? And also, I have to admit, I am a little bit devastated because this means my favourite time of year is nearly over. But I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks, so I don´t have anything to really complain about. I thought today I will just make a little journal entry about the wonderful day my mum and I had last week when spent some quality time together. I was so grateful for this time and I think I have to write something that I am grateful for, from time to time so I can read these blogposts when I struggle with life. So today you could say this is the Christmas Edition! Enjoy!

Since the 26th of December marks two months living on my own in Salzburg this is my first year of Christmas time in Salzburg. And let me tell you there are far worse Options where to spent Advent than Salzburg. The City is full of fairy lights and it smells so festive everywhere. And when you did all your Christmas Shopping there are lots of cute coffeeshops where you can get a hot chocolate and some amazing pieces of cake. Last weekend my mum came to visit me and we did exactly that. We enjoyed all the Christmas lights and smells and did some Christmas shopping. I was really happy about having my mum in Salzburg to just enjoy some time with her. When I lived back home we often went for a coffee together, had a chat and just enjoyed some time together. Altough I love living on my own it can be very silent in my flat. Since I come from a family with six members I am not really used to that and therefore I enjoy talking to my mum and spending time with her a lot. Christmas 4 .jpg

My favourite place in Salzburg before Christmas is definitley the place in front of the “Café Tomaselli” and the “Café Fürst”, before you enter the big Christmas market. It is just so festive and full of Christmas trees and fairy lights. Also there are often horses and festive carriages in front of the little pavillion there, it is just magical there before Christmas. After finishing a nice walk over the Christmas market you can enjoy a really nice hot chocolate at the Café Bazar which is my favourite Café in Salzburg. Their hot chocolate is amazing and also the cakes are amazing. If you are interest in exploring the Christmas market of Salzburg, the girls from the Daily Dose have written a lovely blogpost about one with amazing and inspirational pictures. You can enter it here.

Christmas 1

After we finished in Salzburg, my mum and I drove to Hallstatt to go to the Christmas market. We went there last year and it was absolutley amazing. It is one of those really traditional Christmas markets, where you can buy a lot of homemade stuff and enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Hallstatt and the Hallstättersee. Mum and I ate some “Kaiserschmarrn”, which was incredible and then we had a little stroll over the market. Unfortunatley the weather was not on our side, but that was not that bad, because we went inside for a hot drink, while it was raining.

After our stroll over the Christmas market we drove home to Carinthia. The snow was falling heavily and everything just looked magical. You know this feeling when the snow is falling and you stand there and everything is just quiet for a moment? In moments like these I am so grateful to stand on this planet and that I am able to live my life, to have the freedom to decide and to have a supporting family. I know that not everyone on this wonderful planet is as lucky as I am and I think especially at that time of the year it get´s very visible. Your task for today is to be grateful for everything you have!

Christmas 3

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