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INTERIOR: Scandinavian Christmas

Long time no see, god I missed you so much! As I explained in the last post, I took some time off, because University and everything else was just a little bit to much. But when I took a look into my calendar this is not really changing until Christmas, so I apologize in advance for any missing posts. But I don´t hope so, because December is my favourite month of the year (altough my Birthday is in January!), I just love the festive season so much and I want to put as much joy as I can in this world, even when it is just a Christmas blog post! There is nothing better in this world, than making people happy, at least for me!

As I sit here and write this post, my Christmas Playlist is on, a scented candle is lit, the fairy lights are on, I have a fresh coffee and I have an appointment at the Christmas market later on! I mean this is quality time for me! Earlier I decorated my flat with some Christmas decoration and that was the Moment when I thought now it is time to write a blogpost and document my Christmas decoration this year. Altough my flat is not really big, I managed to put at least some bits and bobs up. I have a Christmas tree at my parents house, which I am going to bring with me back to Salzburg at the beginning of December. Actually I don´t have an idea where to put it, but I will make some space. Since we are going to spent our Christmas in Sweden this year, we don´t have a tree, since it doesn´t make sense to take a tree with us and the decoration, so I am going to enjoy the tree here in Salzburg up to Christmas. Is there anything better than the lights of a Christmas tree?

Speaking of Sweden, I think I wasn´t that exited for a Holiday ever in my life. I mean this is a childhood dream of mine, since reading Astrid Lindgren for the first time (which was nearly 15 years ago! Time goes by so fast). Especially the “Bullerbü” stories about Christmas were just made out of dreams. I love them up till today!

As a lover of everything that Comes from Scandinavia, exept for “surströmming” I decided to bring some Sweden vibes to Salzburg, which is why I decorated everything in the scandi style. White, silver and black are the colours of this years Christmas. Most of the stuff I had from last year, but I also added some pieces





1.If you are interested in where some products are from? The deer on my wall is from the flea market, but I am sure that you can find similiar ones somewhere else. I put on some fairy lights by Maison du Monde and a star by Broste Copenhagen.

2.On the second Picture you see my Christmas candle from Broste Copenhagen and some pine cones from Depot.

3.My Advent wreath is also from Depot but I bought it a long time ago. In there are some Little trees from VillaLotta and a deer from Maison du monde. Additionally I put some Cotton pads, which I fluffed up in there in order to reproduce some fake snow.

4.Unfortunatley I can´t remember where I bought the glittery golden deer.

6.On the last Picture you see my beloved TineKHome Marrocan Rose Candle, which I found at VillaLotta, another deer from Maison du Monde and a Picture of New York by Desenio.



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