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LIFESTYLE: Must Have Gym Gear


Some of you may be confused at the moment, because this is not my usually content, but the lovely Samantha from Ripped.me reached out for me and I thought (with having all the Christmas cookies in mind) why not? So todays post is comming from Samantha, and be ready there are some mndblowers in here!

Must Have Gym Gear

For a professional gym trainer, there are two absolute pet-peeves. The first one is seeing people exercise improperly; they spend hours at the gym, and of course they will be unsatisfied with the results because they either refuse to follow instructions, or don’t even ask for any, thinking they know best.
The second most upsetting and disheartening thing when it comes to gym behavior is people working out in the completely wrong gym attire. If you put in the effort when it comes to the way you present yourself at the workplace, or at a social gathering, why not show the same amount of effort and dedication to your appearance at the gym.
What most people fail to grasp though, when it comes to gym gear, the ‘cuteness’, the visual part of your outfit is of the least importance. The true priority when it comes to great workout gear is practicality, and its performance-enhancing features and proper support. So, as a professional trainer, I hope that these suggestions will reach gym goers and help them stop making the same mistakes.

Gym gear 101
One of the common misconceptions is that you can pick out a random pair of gym shoes and get your workout on. During your workouts, your feet are pushed to their limit. They are pounding treadmills, jumping, skipping, stepping, dancing, lifting, keeping your balance and taking a serious amount of impact. There is nothing worse than trying to work out when you are experiencing pain and discomfort, and also risking possible injury.
Wearing inappropriate shoes can cause serious damage to muscles, tissue, bones and joints throughout the body. This can needlessly derail your fitness or weight loss goals, so investing in a quality pair of shoes is a must. Therefore, my personal recommendation (and personal choice) are RyderWear gym shoes. They are light (nothing worse than clunky heavy shoes dragging your feet down), they provide proper ankle support and help avoid workout-related injuries, and finally, the latex heel cushioning enables a great workout and minimum heel pain. Do yourself a favor, always invest in a great pair of
gym shoes – your workout will be more pleasurable and your feet eternally grateful.


So small, so vital
For all the gym-going ladies, I have but one plea – please make sure you get the right sports bra! No, your regular bra was not designed to keep things in place during all the running, jumping, bending and stretching. If you don’t have the proper support, you will not be able to concentrate on your routine, which in turn will greatly affect your performance and success. This shouldn’t be the time to worry about keeping everything where it’s supposed to be; this is the time to focus on proper breathing, movements and positions.
There are wonderful sports bras out there, designed to cater to any need (and bust size), so for example, it you wear a C or D cup, your best gym friend can be found in the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra; it is supportive, adjustable, and comfortable, and what is more, the seam-free lining that eliminates chafing, and the fabric helps say goodbye to the unpleasant and uncomfortable ‘bouncing effect’ bustier ladies are all too well familiar with. For those who gravitate more towards to an A to B cup, a wonderful bra is
the C9 Champion Power Shape Max High Support. It looks great, and the padded cups make sure nothing budges a single inch.

The visible part
When it comes to your workout wear (the visible part) it all depends on what type of workout you’re in for – not all gym clothes are made equal. If you are taking a dancing form of workout, like a cardio dance class, you want something that allows for plenty of movement, so you might want to opt for medium compression to maintain a greater range of motion, like the Nike Epic Lux running tights, (which are, as the name indicates, also great for your running sessions).
However, if you are a dedicated runner, you might want to turn to something with high compression and with a stay-put waistband, made from breathable fabric for proper temperature regulation. A great, and on a budget choice are the Under Armour Women's heatgear capri pants. As for tops, you definitely need something that is sweat-wicking – a top that enables you to sweat it out good, but still feel good in your skin, and that is why my personal favorite brand when it comes to tops is Sweaty Betty, in which you don’t only feel good, but look darn good as well.

The lifesavers
Always carry a deodorant – this is a simple matter of proper gym decorum. The second little lifesaver is  dedicated for all the girls who don’t have a pixie cut. When you are about to get your groove on with your stretches, squats, push-ups and everything else, the last thing you need is a hair attack, so hair ties, bandanas, bobby pins, whatever you’ve got, bring it on. This cannot be emphasized enough – always, always bring your own towel. This is a matter of common sense as you never know what types of germs are around you, so before you get on that mat, place your own towel on it. Besides, you will need it to dab your face every so often as you sweat it out. Finally, keep hydrated at all times – think of your water bottle as an indispensable part of your gear. Bonus tip: do not wait to get thirsty as that means you are already dehydrated.

All pictures via UNSPLASH

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