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DRINKS: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate


 It´s that time of the year again, were drinking hot chocolate is a necessesity, or? When I was in London some weeks ago I pickud up a “Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate”-mix at Harrod´s and I regret that I didn´t pick up more of them (my wallet says thank god right now!). Holy Sh**, it was so damn delicious! I think I can never ever drink normal hot chocolate again. But you know, s it is usual, in expensive things there is not much in it, so I went through a pack really quickly. The mix comes in a beautiful copper metal box, which is to pretty to not fill it up again, so I created a recipe for you, so that you can enjoy this too!

You will need for 2 mugs:

  • 400ml of milk, or almond milk, soy milk etc.
  • 2 tbsp of Hot Chocolate mixture
  • 5-7 “Werthers Original” or other caramel bonbons
  • some cream if you want to
  • a pinch of salt

So the whole thing is very easy now. Take your caramel bonbons and crush them as little as you can with a mortar, mix them with as much hot chocolate mixture as you want for two mugs and lastly add a pinch of salt. Mix everything and divide equally to two mugs. Heat up your milk and just move on, as you would normally do hot chocolate. If you want to add some cream on top, feel free to do that! Enjoy with your lovely ones!


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