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#SALZBURGLOVE: Breakfast at “Glüxfall”


Today I am launching a new category called #SALZBURGLOVE, where I am going to show you my favourite food/drink/shop/visit adresses of Salzburg. Because I love reading recommendations on other people´s blog. And I think, since I moved only one week ago, I see the city with other eyes. You know this feeling when you come back from holiday and think that your city hasn´t anything cool to offer? No cool coffeeshop, the shops are eveywhere better, than in your own city? Guess what, I am going to fight this feeling and show you the best my city has to offer and I hope that I inspire some of you, to go and explore the best of your city!

Last Sunday I went for breakfast with a friend, who is also studying in Salzburg. She suggested the “Glüxfall”, so we went there. The restaurant itself has a really nice interior and it also lays really nice at the Salzach. If you go by bike (like I do since a week) there is a place opposite the restaurant where you can put your bike. We reservated before, just in case. I feel like that this was a good idea, because it got quite crowded since we were there. But I would try it without a reservation too, if you are in the are, you might be lucky.

Something which is really exciting and cool is that you can choose from a menu, what you actual like. So you have a mini, midi, big and a luxurious breakfast for two to choose and then you can choose, depending on which breakfast size you picked, some extras. For example I choosed the mini one, which included one type of bread, butter, 2 extras. For the extra I chose Salmon and Hummus, Scrambled eggs with Baconjam and I also chose an extra extra, which was Waffle and Elderflowercream (every added extra cost you 2,90 Euro extra). And I also had a peppermint tea, which came with a little hourglass, so that you now when your tea is finished. I found that very cool and cute! All in all I payed 13,90 Euros, which is not cheap, but I think it is okay and I try to get used to the Salzburg prices, because I am not used to paying 4,10 Euros for a small cappuchinos in some coffeeshops here (Starbucks seems cheap for the first time!).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo when the breakfast came I was on the one side very impressed, but on the other side a little bit, let´s say confused, because the portion of those extras were very very small. I mean don´t get me wrong the food look absolutley amazing, like you were sitting in a 5 Star restaurant, very sophisticated and delicate. But the portion were rather small, which was a shame because the food was so good. Also the combination of food was so outstanding. I never ate scrambled eggs with baconjam, but it was so good and something new and this is was runs through the menu. You have some rather fancy but delicious combinations. Also my waffle with elderflower was amazing.

So actually I would recommend checking this place out, because other than the size portions, everything was truly amazing and the service was really nice and friendly. So maybe you go there for a special occasion and go all in as a little treat.!




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