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INTERIOR: Snippets of my Flat


Today I invite you for a cup of tea at mine (freshly imported from my trip to London, you know!). I finished moving exactly one week ago, had some time to settle in, enjoy Salzburg for a bit and of Cours made my flat as homely as it can get (whipping out all the lovely autumnal candles of course. As I write this a cookie candle is burning right next to me!) Of course I am not finished yet, but I think the main set up is there, so I just wanted to show you some snippets of my flat, because actually I really really like it! So come in!

My flat is 25 m2 big, which isn´t the biggest, but for one person it is absolutley fine. I just wanted to have my own four walls, because I love having my own room and the freedom that comes with it, but also I think I am not the easiest roommate. So after a research of two months we finally found this little gem. I started moving some bits and bops back in August and some of the furniture came at the beginning of September, but then I went to London and just rather spent time with my family. So after all of that last wednesday it was time to say goodbye. Altough I am somebody who loves being at home, I didn´t shed one tear (I didn´t expect that at all! I had a pack of Ben& Jerrys sitting in the freezer, in all cases. Don´t worry I ate some spoons to celebrate my flat instead). But not shedding a tear showed me how much I love the little space already.

And with adding more and more details the love grows and grows. So therefore I am really looking forward for all the things to come! I am excited and ready for it! If you find something on the pictures that you love and consider to invite it into your home, just leave me a comment down below and I am going to tell you where it is from! May you find some inspiration!



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