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HOTEL REVIEW: Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we´d have roots instead of feets”

-Rachel Wolchin-

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Munich for three days, just to enjoy the city and do some work. Because actually I am one of those persons who are way more productive when they are not at home. Speaking of that, I am currently sitting at the IKEA in the North of Munich typing this blogpost. But I guess this post isn´t about how I work. When I looked through the hotels I reviewed I was quite surprised that I didn´t found the “Holiday Inn Munich City Centre”, because this has to be the hotel I had my most stays in.

Although we live in the South of Austria, my dad works a few days a month in Munich. Sometimes he stays overnight, sometimes he drives to Munich in the morning, and back to Austria in the evening. This time he stayed for three days and I took the opportunity to work and also enjoy the rest of my holidays before University starts in two weeks. So I thought I write a review about the “Holiday Inn”! So let´s get into hotel talk!

What I liked about the “Holiday Inn Munich City Centre”

Location: In my opinion the holiday Inn has one of the best hotel locations ever. It is located in Au-Haidhausen, which is a very nice part of Mnich with lots of different restaurants, bars, shops and and and.. So it is very quiet at night, which is something I find very relaxing in big cities. But the biggest plus point is, that you need only 10 minutes by feet until you reach the inner inner city (Marienplatz).

Parking slots: In my opinion this is a big big plus point in any bigger city! They have a garage directly under the hotel, with enough space. Also parking costs 20 Euros max per day, which is very good, especially for Munich. And something which is even better is that you can order a multiple entry parking card at the reception when you check in, which means that you can enter the garage as often as you want during your stay. This helps a lot I can tell!

Breakfast: The Holiday Inn has incredible breakfast! They offer a variety of things including gluten free and lacto-free options, but also local products and meals. For example you can get “Weisswürstchen”, pretzel and sweet mustard for breakfast, which is typically for Bavaria. But they also offer everything you need for an English breakfast and…. please sit down… they even serve Chinese noodle soup for breakfast. Yep I swear the guy at the table next to me this morning ate Chinese noodle soup for breakfast!

The Hotel Lobby Bar: The lobby and bar is decorated really nice and they even serve Starbucks Coffee at the bar.

Honey: You might think three words now, but I have to mention that here, because I was really excited when I read this at breakfast. At the breakfast room is a sign which says “This honey is from our lovely bees at our roof!”. I love that! And under this sign you will find a big honeycomb wher you have to spoon the honey out of. I am just the biggest fan of those innovative Urban GardEnding projects and had to mention that here, because I hope you get as excited as I over such projects! Big thumbs up!

Familymember welcome: Actually I don´t know if that’s the case everytime or you have to reach a certain kind of IHG reward status, but at the Holiday Inn it impossible to bring a family member with you and it doesn´t cost more than if you would travel alone, even the breakfast is included. For me this is something that should be adapted to more hotels, because our world lives fast and our calendar lives even faster, so to have the opportunity to go with a family memeber, although you didn´t book that originally is a big big help especially in larger families.


This could be better

Rooms: This is the only little thing I am not to keen on. The rooms at Holiday Inn Munich City Centre are not the most beautiful and modern ones. Don´t get me wrong they are clean and everything, but they are not very instagramable. But they renovate some of the rooms now and we had the luck to stay in one of those some while ago and those rooms are absolutley amazing. So if you have the pocket money do the upgrade!


Actually I am a big fan of the Holiday Inn City Centre. It might not be the best Option for your Instagram feed, but everything else is really really good, so I would definitley recommend staying there. As it is tradition, my Star-Rating would be 4.6/5 Stars!


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