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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Brighton & London Pt.2

Whenever I go somewhere for Holiday or some days, I love to check out new places to eat or drink coffee, so I can share them with friends and Family, but also of course with you guys. Unfortunatley, since I was on a trip with friends, I showed them the things I discovered last time when I was in London, so there are just going to be a few new additions to the London Foodguide which you can read here. But since I was in Brighton for the first time, I have a few recommandations there for you! Lets get started!

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1.Ladureé at Harrods

87-135 Brompton Rd, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL, UK

Altough this is a favourite of mine for a long time and we also visited “Ladureé” on our last trip to London, I never included it into my Foodguide. I don´t know how that actually happened, but now it is on here, so all fine! My mum and I visited “Ladureé” first when we were in Paris a long time ago and fell in deep love. Whenever we go to a City now that has a shop, it is our Little ritual to go there, have the world best hot chocolate and a “Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise”, which is the delicious good lookin´thing on the picture above! This time we needed a well deserved break after Walking the whole day. Also I tried the “Marie Antoinette” tea this time (btw if anybody knows where I can get hold of this tea from Austria, please let me know in the comments, because I regret not buying it so much!), which was absolutley out of this world. As somebody who prefers coffee over tea a lot, it is really rare that I find a tea I really really love. And stupid me did not buy it! Typical me! However, I also love Ladureé for their beautiful interior.

Actually looking through the picture that was the only Foodguide Addition I have for London, because I don´t think that Starbucks and Pret-a-manger counts as a new discover, you can find them everywhere, BUT I love them both! Also we went to PAUL, which is also a French bakery line and it was very very good too, but I forgot to take pictures.



2.Café Coho


Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 6.30pm
Sat & Sun: 8.00am – 7.00pm

Guys, if you are on the hunt for the worlds best coffee, go on the next airplane, fly to Brighton and try Café Coho! The funny Thing is me and my friend, we just wanted a coffee somewhere, because we were so tired and walked so much already, so that was the first place we came across, so we went in there and drank the wonderful coffee. Actually later I found out that the coffee was awarded.

“Cafe Coho is an award winning espresso bar & cafe with three locations in Brighton.”

Cafe Coho, founded by James and Joanna Wilson in 2010, is an independent espresso bar and cafe born and based in Brighton. We are dedicated to providing high quality coffee along with exceptional food and service in a space that is welcoming and friendly.



3.The Temple Bar

121 Western Rd, Brighton. BN1 2AD

We were on the hunt for “Fish & Chips”, when we came across this very cool Pub and when they had “Fish and Chips” on the menue we screwed the original plan and had to try this one. Good to say, we didn´t regret it! The lunch was delicious, the Pub very beautiful and also the music and whole scenery was really appealing. So if you want to go for some Fish and Chips, or just want to go for a nice drink, there you go thats your adress!


4.The Flour Pot Bakery

40 Sydney St, Brighton BN1 4EP, UK

Thats like my dream for my retirement! This Little Café/Bakery is a dream! Black and White tiles, rosegold decoration, homemade bread and cakes, and the most delicious Flat White! An absolute dream! If you ever go to Brighton treat yourself to a cake and coffee from them. We had carrot cake, Orange Polenta cake and a flourless chocolate cake and all of them were absolutley gorgeous.



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