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HOTEL REVIEW: Motel One London Towerhill


Today there is a new Hotel Review for you guys. As you were able to guess from my last post  I spend my last week in London, having a really good time with my friends before all the new things start. As we are going to be students in a couple of weeks and moving wasn´t cheap at all, we decided to go for a cheap but nice hotel. Something we also considered was when booking, was the neighbourhood, so after doing a lot of research, we decided to go for the Motel One in London. As you can read in my last Motel One Review I loved staying with them in Vienna, so I was really exciting staying with them in London too. But let´s get into details.

What I liked:

  • The first impression. I love the first impression we had from the Motel One. The building outside is very modern, clean and in my opinion beautiful. But whats even more beautiful is the hotel lobby. It has a very nice Britain touch to it, with crystal lusters, firespots and some checked patterns. But the best part was the first view we had when we walked into our room. My best friend and I shared a double room, which was located at the corner of the house, therefore two of our walls were completley out of glass. We looked over the City of London, which was absolutley stunning.
  • The location Located right in the heart of “the city” it was the perfect spot to start to explore the city. It took us two minutes to go to the “Tower Bridge”, and everything else is really good available by bus or underground.
  • The rooms Altough the double room was not very spacious, I loved the room. It was really nice furnished and you had really much storage. Also I loved the little tea and coffee section, they even offered FairTrade Tea.
  • The lobby I absolutley loved the interior of the hotel lobby. I really like the concept of the Motel Ones, where you know that you are staying at a Motel One due to the vlue accents, but every city has their own touch and their own furniture, you can say that every city has their own interpretation of Motel One. For example at the walls you were able to spot Henry VIII or Windsor Castle.
  • The breakfast We booked our room with breakfast, so we could eat a lot in the morning, because we walked quite some meters in that week (50km said my Iphone tracker). What I liked about the breakfast were definitley the croissants, there were so bloomin´amazing. And I loved the small little breads, because you can try a few types without being filled up after one. Something I also really appreciated and loved was that various products were organic and local. I think especially as a big hotel group/chain that are the little things that make a big difference and make you feel a little bit more “homely”.(I am not very good at describing feelings I guess, but I hope you get the drill).
  • The details I love to explore the little details of a hotel. What makes it special? And the Motel One in London had quite some time to explore.
  • The service The staff was really polite and friendly and I find it really refreshing when the conversation with the staff goes over “Hi, we have a reservation!”. Te staff at the reception and the cleaning staff did that both and it was really really nice. There was some water with different infusions at the lobby all the time and and and…
  • The price Thats always a good point at the Motel Ones! We payed for a double room 142 GBP, with breakfast (Costs 9,50 GBP if you want to try it just one day).


What could be improved:

  • Speaking of breakfast, the first thing that could be improved is the amount of tables/places, because for three people it was sometimes very difficult to find a table. Most of the times we had to ask other hotel guests to move somewhere else, in order to get three seats. The other thing I would have liked has to be some porridge. It was declared that they do not serve English Breakfast, but some porridge would have stepped up the game quite some steps. Especially when it gets colder outside!


I would definitley recommand the Motel One London-Towerhill and if I go to London again, I would stay there again. If you are a fan of numbers and stars, I would give the Motel One London Towerhill 4.7/5 stars.



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