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PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

das-sasha-24274I remember me thinking: “When I am older I want to…”, but now I reached a point in my life where the sentence has to be “When I am older I want to…”. I think today is the day where I finally sit down and put all the feelings and fears I had throughout the last months into words, as a little diary for me and everybody else who wants to read it.

 I have to admitt that it was a little bit shocking when I had my last day in school and got my A-Level certificate. It is very difficult to describe all the feelings I had in that moment. You stand there, in front of the whole School, in your hands your certificate that you worked 13 years for, and you know that more than half of the People in the room do not even know you. I felt very strange. I think I was excited for all the things that are on their way, but also a little bit sad, mostly because of the amazing people that I am not going to see everyday anymore. We made some really incredible memories and I met my best friends in school. I loved going to School, meeting friends, learning new things, of course I loved the breaks (I mean, who doesn´t like the breaks?) and I loved the trips we did in class. All in all I can say I was a very happy child in school and I am really looking forward to our class reunion. Especially because I want to see, if people actually have become what I thought they do!

The next chapter in my life is going to be my move to Salzburg in order to study “Innovation & Management in Tourism” at the University of Applied Science. I am moving in the middle of September. As with leaving school I have mixed feelings: I am excited to have my own flat, a new experience and a new chapter of my life. But I also think I am going to miss my Family (I mean from three siblings aka full house to an empty flat, is going to be quite different), my home, Carinthia (luckily Salzburg and Carinthia are not that far away!). I lived in Berlin a month on my own, which makes the whole situation easier for me, since I know what I have to expect. And what also helped me a lot was that I know where I am going to live. We searched for over two months (and I mean I looked everyday on all the property websites and even had a reminder everywhere, which means I get a notification when there is a new property which applys to all my settings!) for the flat I am moving (my Little but beautiful flat I fall more and more in love with, it is one of those cozy ones) in, and I have to say that the time where I didn´t had a flat and I didn´t know where I am going to live was very hard for me . I had very mixed feelings and even cried twice, but I think that was due to all the stress that fell off and the fact that there are things ahead I can´t control and for somebody like me, who loves to control everything that was not easy at all. The “controlthing” is definitley something I have to improve things in the future! But now that I have the first IKEA shopping done (Thank you Mum and Dad for staying in IKEA for 6 hours patiently waiting until I have decided on everything!) and I bought the first furiture I am actually excited. I love the research I can now do on Pinterest for all the things I want to do in my flat, which colours, which bed, which table, candles, pillows, lights… I just love beautiful interior. But I guess you will see everything on my blog when it all comes together. As I said I move in the middle of September in order to have some time to settle in, explore Salzburg, and and and, before University is starting at the 2nd of October.

Speaking of University: Choosing University was one of the hardest things I ever did. All the things you have toannie-spratt-44465 consider! Being confindent in what you want to become! Who you want to be! My first ever Job I wanted to become was princess. I wanted to be a princess with a big castle and five white horses. A few years later I wanted to become a riding teacher (as every Girl wants to become once in their life, right? My careerwish changed when I first visited Vienna with my parents, because we went into the famous bakery/Patisserie “Demel”. We got a table in front of the big glass Windows where you can see the People making the best stuff, cakes, sugar roses, the most epic pipings! I swear my parents had to convince me to go after they´ve finished their coffee and cake (And later I realised that my dad ate half of my cake, while I was watching “heaven”. This is very unusual I can tell!). This careerwish lastet until one year ago, until I really started to think about career, life, what do I want from life, what is important for me? Bla bla bla, just all the thins, adults have to think about. After considering, speaking to my parents and others, I came to the conclusion, that my current careerwish doesn´t suits all my expectations I had, so I searched something that checked all the Points and is something that I love doing. If this was the right decision I can tell you in a few months time, when I started to work and to study completley. First I wanted to do a University that was easier to get in, but my parents convinced me to try the entrance examination in Salzburg and I have to say I am more than thankful that they convinced me to go the hard way. I will definitley remember that for the next decisions in my future.

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5 thoughts on “PERSONAL: Moving Out, Future and University

  1. I love this post!! It was so honest and as I started Uni six months ago I can totally relate to everything you said! Choosing a uni was definitely a hard one for me, I wrote about it on my blog at the time. I’m so happy with my choice though

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