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BEAUTY: Essie “Gel Couture” Nail Polish


I am one of these persons that are actually enjoying doing their own nails! I just love sitting there, with a cup of tea or coffee, watching some YouTube Videos or a nice film on the TV and just painting my nails in various different colours. It´s a little ritual of mine! Since years and years I am a big fan of Essie Nail Polish and when they released their Gel Line I was really excited. Because who doesn´t want a perfect gel manicure at home for less money?

I know I am quite late to the party but I tried some of the polishes back in December and then some of them now and today I am giving you my review.

Before I get into detail I just want to say that nail polish on my hands doesn´t last longer than 3 days (without any chipping). I tried thousands of nail polish brands ranging from 0,99 Euros up to 30 Euros, topcoats, basecoats and and and. And I know that I should try some professional gel nails, but I have to say I am too stingy for that. I don´t want to spend that much money for a manicure, I just don´t, also I am not really keen on making an appointment every two weeks in order to have that instagram manicure. For some people that might be the way, and I am not judging at all on them. I think everybody needs to decide that for themselves.

With that said, lets move on to the Essie Gel Nails. As the name says, the nail polish and the matching top coat, should give you that gel-look and should last up to two weeks (exept for if your name is Sophie). Also the Gel Couture polish is available in 66 shades and some limited collections. With prices (depends on the country) from 11,95-13,95 Euros, I would say the polish is in the middle price range.

I own six of the polishes and I tried all of them. For this review I Chose “Blush Worthy”, which is a light pink with a slight golden shimmer from the bridal collection. As with all of the gel polishes you need three layers, in my opinion, but I like my polish very covering. If you like your polish more sheer you might not need three. When it comes to topcoat I have to say I am not a big fan of the Essie Topcoat, which you should use in combination with the Gel Coutures. From many topcoats I tried, it was definitley up there with the ones that chipped first. I got the best results with this top coat by Maybelline .


You can see above the status of my hand after (!) one week. I am really really impressed. Normally my nails look like that after 3 days. Only two fingers chipped. The other Hand looks even better, there only one finger chipped. I am going to reapply them, but leave the rest, so I can have a look how long the others last. What I do have to add, is that all the light colours I own, lasted one week, but the darker colours, didin´t. They chipped after 4 days, so Essie Team if you are reading this: Please make the dark ones as good as the light ones, because especially in Autumn/Winter a really nice red Looks incredible.


What I like about the Essie Gel Coutures:

  • The packaging. I love the twist of the bottle and also the twist of the brush. And do you want to know the best part? They look from above exactly the same, as the normal Essie polishes, which makes it perfect for people like me, who love it when everything in a box looks the same (yes, my books are sorted by colour).


  • The colours. I think Essie did a pretty good job when it comes to deciding which colours should be included into the Gel Couture range. All the classics are there and some more options. And what I really like is that the colour you see in the bottle, is pretty much the colour you will have on your nails!


  • The wear. I love how they look on your nails. And I love how long they last (with the right top coat)


This coud be better:

  • The Pigmentation. As I said you need some layers to get the full colour pay-off! This could be improved.

All in all I would definitley recommend the Essie Gel Couture Polishes and I am going to get more colours!






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