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TRAVEL: Where to eat in Hamburg


I can assure you: this post is going to be yummy! Today I am going to share some of the restaurants and cafes we tried in Hamburg and that made their way into my heart. We tried some more, but I didn´t loved them, so they didn´t made their way onto here.

I was really impressed with the restaurants and cafes in Hamburg, they have a little bit of a Londontouch I think. In general Hamburg reminded me of London, especially the architecture is quite similar to the houses in London that you find around the Thames. I loved that so much! So but without any more rambling, here are my Hamburg Food/Drink favourites!


1.Nord Coast Coffee Roastery



Say hello to my new loves: The Nord Coast Coffee Roastery and Acai Bowl. I am deeply in love with both! But I have to say to my defence, we have  no Smoothiemaker at home, therefore I couldn´t make the Acai Bowl at home and I live in such a small City that nobody is serving Acai Bowl. And noooww I want something where I can make an Acai Bowl or somebody who serves me one every morning. Especially in Summer this is the best Thing I have ever put in my mouth. But okay let´s say something about my other love too. I found the Nord Coast Coffee Roastery by accident online and we went there on our first day in Hamburg. The first Thing you see when you walk down the street  where the roastery is, is the “Elbphilharmonie”, which was the first Thing that excited me. And then the roastery: The whole shop is very industrial, with copper and grey. My sister was in her interior-heaven. We had breakfast there, I had an Acai bowl and my sister had waffles with fruit and maple syrup. I paid for the waffles, Acai Bowl, a cappuchino and a drink for my sister 19,20 Euros, which is in my opinion very good. After that breakfast I was so filled, that we ate at 4pm or something like that!

Everything we had was really really good and I woud recommand the coffee shop to everybody who visits Hamburg. Also outstanding was the way the staff spoke about coffee and how which coffee blends with milk and which don´t and the coffee art on top of the cappuchino was incredible.



 If you come from Austria you may know this restaurant, because the first ever “NENI” is located at the “Naschmarkt” in Vienna. My sister is the biggest NENI fan on this planet so there was no chance that we don´t go there in Hamburg too. NENI Hamburg is located at the 25hours Hotel, so it makes it the perfect dinner spot for when you stay at the Hotel. The interior at NENI,s is on point, a little bit oriental, with gold and nice sofas, but also a touch of Hamburg, because the tables for example have some big ship chains, or the waitress wore  blue-white stripe top and some beige trousers. But altough the mix was really unusual, it worked and I loved it.

The concept behind NENI is that you order a few small dishes and then everybody can try, which my sister and I did. We ordered the “Jerusalem Teller”, chicken with spices, onions and some other vegetables, and a dish with egg plant, but I can´t remeber the name. We also ordered the Limonana, which is a homemade lemonade with mint and Lemon (sooo good and refreshing). I have to say in my opinion NENI isn´t cheap. I paid for the two of us, around 36 Euros, but the food is really really good, the feeling there is super nice, and the location is outstanding, therefore I was okay with the price and I would go back there.


3. Milch Feinkost


As somebody who lives for coffee I was over excited to go there (even my sister rolled her eyes at one point), beccause I saw so many good recoomandations and pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and before I say anything else… I wasn´t dissapointed at all! I love it! The coffee was really really good and had a lovely coffee art on top (yes I am a little bit of a sucker for that… I mean who doesn´t like a heart on top of their cappucino?). My sister had a milkshake which was pretty decent too!

As outstanding as the coffee was, was the interior… holy moly I wouldn´t change anything. The walls are light blue, with some grey and gold accents, a Little bit 50,s her, some modern scandinavian pieces there! I took some major inspiration with me.! Also there are some seats in the window, so imagine you sit there on  a cold winter day, the snow is falling outside and you enjoy a wonderful cappucino! (And yes I am excited for WInter again!).

I would highly recommand the “Milch Feinkost” to everybody! Also if you don´t want to go for a coffee check out the street where Milch is located (Ditmar-Koel-Street), because there a plenty of lovely options to go for dinner or lunch!


5. Dat Backhus


We didn´t intended to go there! First we wanted to go to “Zuckermonarchie” to end our trip with a lovely breakfast there, but as we came there, they told us that we should have booked a table at least two wekks ago, so no breakfast for us! At this point it was nearly 11 am and we were hungry af (I don´t usually use this word I swear) and we just stepped into the next opportunity to get some breakfast into us. And it was a good choice.” Dat Backhus” is a normal bakery, but the interior is really lovely and the coffee is really good. They even have chai latte, which was really good! We had a marzipane-croissant, which was incredible, a normal Croissant and something with plums and everything was absolutley delicious and for the whole breakfast I paid 9,80 Euros, which was incredible good!

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