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HOTEL REVIEW: Crowne Plaza City Alster, Hamburg


I can´t believe how the time is flying by, it is nearly a week since my sister and I came back from Cologne and Hamburg, where we did a little vacation and also visited our relatives. It was really beautiful and relaxing, but throughout the next few posts I am going to share some more details of our trip, but today I will give you a hotel review of the hotel we stayed two nights in Hamburg, which was the Crowne Plaza Hamburg.

The hotel itself is a big brickstone-house, directly integrated into a whole complex of buildings near the “Aussenalster” in Hamburg. The first Thing that really catches the eyes are the wonderful pink hydragenas in front of the hotel. They are just absolutley stunning (I think this is because it rained the whole Summer in Hamburg as we had to learn the hard way.) The hotel and its lobby isn´t the most spectular one when it comes to design, due to the fact that with hotel chains like the Crowne Plaza, the design is the same everywhere. My sister and I stayed two nights. I have to say that we didn´t eat at the hotel, so I cant say anything about the Food, but what we saw looked really good (But our list to try places was to long anyways :)).

What I loved about the Hotel:

  • The parking opportunity. This was one of the big reasons why I choosed the hotel, because I drove to Hamburg and most of the hotels I wanted in the first place, didn´t have a parking opportunity. The garage there is really really good, because you get a big parking space. Our car has seven seats, therefore it is not the smallest and sometimes it is an absolutley nightmare to park, but there it was no problem at all, which saved me a lot of nerves. You pay 22 Euros per day for parking, but thats  a normal price.


  • The Location. Let me first say that the neighbourhood is really really quiet and there is nothing really around, so why I think that the location is perfect? Thats why! When I travel, I walk the whole day, then I eat for dinner and then my feet won´t bring me anywhere and I am done. Of course this depends on who I am travelling with, but if it is my family, thats the common case. I slept like a baby at the Crowne Plaza, because there was no sound at all. So if you search a hotel for an upcoming business trip, thats the one!


  • The connection to the public transport You can find the underground a 5 min. walk away from the hotel and also a busstop is 5 min. away, which is was really nice. Also you have the “Aussenalster” right beside the hotel, so if you rent one of these rental bikes, you can easiy reach the hotel by bike too. Unfortunately we couldn´t do that, because it was absolutley chuckin it down for two days.


  • The Service. The staff at the Crowne Plaza was really really nice and polite. Since I don´t own a debit card, I used my dads one, but he couldn´t borrow me the card for the trip, but that wasn´t an issue, he just had to fill out some things and sent them to the hotel. Also one day we left one of the two room keys in the room, in the electricity thing, and when we came it was gone. Maybe the cleaning staff took it. But that was no issue too!


What I didn´t like about the Hotel

  • The Design I mean that is definitely a point where some people roll their eyes, but I just love incredible hotel designs. BUT I have to say that I knew before, that this hotel isn´t the most instagramable, but it ticked up all my other criterias.


  • The hairdryer Holy moly…. I mean I had some really bad hairdryers in hotels, and I understand that the amount of hair on my head doesn´t make it easy, but the hairdryer there was the king of the bad hairdryers. I had the feeling that even my IPhone-Plug- In ventilator has more power. However I learned that I never ever forget my hairdryer again!


All in all I liked our stay at the Crowne Plaza. It isn´t something extraordinary or “you will never see that again”, but it offers you a nice bed, good service, a place for your car and a good location for exploring Hamburg. So I would give the “Crowne Plaza City Alster” 3.9/5.0 stars.



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