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LIFESTYLE: My Jewellery Collection


Diamonds are a girls best friend, or? I agree, altough I don´t own any diamonds (yet:)), I have collected and have been given some quite special pieces of jewellery. Two years ago the doctors discovered that I am allergic to nickel, which is why I can only wear “real” jewellery, therefore I collected some “forever” pieces over the past, that are really special to me. Today I am going to share the pieces with you and the story that stands behind them.

Let´s start with the watch!


  1. Michael Kors Watch (MK-2426)

I got this watch last year in Oktober from my kind parents, because we had a reason to celebrate and they bought every child a present. I decided to go for something that will last a long long time and I wanted a watch for ages, so I went for a beautiful watch. I choosed one by Michael Kors, because I just loved how it looked and I wanted a watch with a leather band, so I am able to adjust the size. After nearly one year with this watch I can say that I am really glad that I went for the leather band. Altough I wear my watch quite often, it doesn´t look worn, the leather is still in a very good condition and also the watch itself Looks really good. It doesn´t scratch easily wich is really really good. Overall I would buy this watch again!

Now let´s go to my earrings:



2. Michael Kors- Earrings Rose Gold (1MI51E06O-F11)

After my Dior Tribales, these are by far my favourite earrings, not only because they are very very glamourous but delicate, but they are also very kindle gifted to me by my best friends as a birthday present, and I loovvvee them to death. I love them so much that I bought a matching necklace and a matching braclet as well, but they always are going to be the most special ones! Also considering I got them over a year ago, they have still all their glittery stones left, unfortunatley this is not the case with the matching chain!

3. Michael Kors- Earrings with a red Accent (MKJ6218710)        

These are my second pair of Michael Kors Earrings and I got them from my mum, together with the matching necklace, last Christmas. I love the look of it, because these look a little bit like something you get passed by grandmother. I don´t mean that in a bad way, don´t get me wrong! They also match my watch and they look really nice in combination with black!

4. Dior- Tribales

 The famous earrings by Dior! Everybody in the Fashion industry has at least one pair I think. These are by far my most special piece of jewellery! Not that they are only very iconic and me and my style in an earring, they are also given to me by my amazing parents, as a present for my 18th birthday. I know how much effort and love my mum put into this present! She also told me that she walked into the Dior Shop in Munich and there was a really nice French guy, who served her champagne and made the whole sopping trip an experience. Then he asked for the birth date of my mum and she said: “Her birthday was two days ago!” and then he said: “Oh, la la!” (I swear on my life!) and went into the storage. He came back with a load of tissue paper and two mini Dior Fragances warpped in it, which he kindly gave to my mum as a late birthday present! At Dior Munich they also sprayed the whole Shopping back with the smell of lilys of the valley, because it brings luck! So Shopping at Dior is definitley an experience.

After one  year (after she stole mine a hundred times), my dad bought her the rosé ones for Christmas and I had the luck to buy them at Dior and I can say that is everything your dreams are made of! Both of the earrings are in very good conditions, altough we both wear them nearly every single day. Altough they are bigger in size, they are not heavy and you don´t feel them at the end of the day. I just absolutley adore them! J´adore Dior!




5. My Rings

Unfortunatley I can´t link you any of my rings, because the rose gold one isn´t available anymore, one is from a shop in Barcelona, and the other one was made for me, but I can tell you the stories. So the rose gold one was my latest birthday present from my best friends (I have the best friends right?) and I think the only word to describe him is adorable (actually my mum thinks that too). Unfortunatley I am one of those annoying persons that get swolen hands and feet quite often, so I doesn´t fit quite well on most days, but I started to wear him on my pinky recently, which also looks really nice.

The Barcelona one I bought when we were there last week with my school class. This ring is connected with a lot of memories, because it was the last trip we did as a class! Also Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever come across!

Lastly the ring that was made for me! In our family it is a Tradition that the girls get a Piece of jewellery when they get their period for the first time, to celebrate that they are a woman now! In my opinion this is a really nice tradition and I will definitely do that with my daughter too (if I ever have one!). So the ring was made for me after how I designed it, ist a small silver ring with an oval moonstone.


My braclets

6. Michael Kors- Rose gold braclet (MKJ4904791)

This was a gift from me to me, because I thought I deserved it and it was one of the best presents I ever made myself, because I wear this braclet to death. The Quality is verg good, because not a single stone is missing on here (There are 50 or something like that on ther), also I love how it opens and Closes, because you can wrap it around your arm, rather than pushing your arm through it!

7. Michael Kors- The matching braclet (MKJ4324791)

This is the matching braclet for my chain and earrings! It was a Christmas present from my parents and I wear it nearly every single day, because it is just so thin and elegant, but also gives a nice touch!


My necklaces

9. Michael Kors- My matching necklace (MKJ4330791)

This one is also really special to me! Last year I went with my mum and dad to the Cote d´Azur, in order to watch the Formula 1 race in Monaco (I mean we did see the cars, but we enjoyed much more the whole vibe around the event, because we didn´t get tickets). It was one of my favourite vacations of all time and I will go back to the South of France because it is just to beautiful to not do. I read online that there was a Michael Kors Shop in Nice, so my Family drove me there and I took my earned pocket Money and bought myself this necklace as a vacation Memory! Unfortunatley I have to say that the quality is really bad! I have some more Michael Kors pieces and they were/are all really good and had a good quality, but this necklace has already lost two stones, which looks really bad, because now there a just two black holes sitting right above your boobs! Thats what you need girls!

10. Michael Kors- Another matchy match

I can´t find the right one, but the one I linked is quite similar. I got this necklace as a set with the earrings from my mum. I don´t wear it as much as it would deserve I have to say, altough I find it very beautiful and unique!

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