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INTERIOR: H&M Home Haul #1


In the past couple of weeks I collected house related bits and Bobs, because… *drum roll*… I am mooovviinnggg! Whoop whoop! In September I am going to move from where I now live, Carinthia, to Salzburg in order to study there. But I will write a whole blogpost about the whats, whens, wheres etc., so if you have any specific questions, leave them in the comment section below. Anyway, as I said I collected quite a few things, especially from H&M Home, which is one of my favourite things to shop, because on the one Hand, you get some really really beautiful things and on the other hand, they are really affordable. So today I show you everything I got on there!

Just one thing I have to mention, I don´t have a flat at this point, so the things I bought are quite general (mostly bathroom and kitchen), things I really need, therefore there are some more hauls on your way and there are going to be a lot more interior post in the future! I am soooooooooooooooooo bloody damn excited! Also I marked you the products that are on sale, because I bought a lot in sale!

Let´s start with the bathroom:

1. Bathmat (SALE)

Altough I don´t know yet, what colour my bathroom is going to have, I decided to buy black and white towels and a same colour bathmat, because this goes with everything and most likely the bathroom is going to be white. Anyway, this bathmat is the most cozy one I ever had in my hands, it is just so absolutley soft!! I llooovvee it! And it looks really really nice too!


2.Towels (SALE)

These are by far the most beautiful towels I have ever seen, I just adore them! I had them in a turquoise colour for over a year now and I can assure you, they don´t wash out easily, they stay soft and not even the tassels get damaged! They are really really good, especially for that Price! So I bought two small ones and two big ones, but unfortunatley the big ones are sold out in black and white. However you can get them in turquoise and beige!

3.Laundry Basket

I bought a laundry basket, which is unfortunatley sold out, but is the same style, as the one I linked. I don´t know what to say about a laundry basket, other then it looks really nice!:)


For the kitchen:

4. Decanter

Ohhh, this is so absolutley beautiful! I loovvee it! It looks really really elegant and isn´t to big, which is really really nice, because I don´t think, I have that much room. I have to say that I am slighty concerned about the beautiful gold detail and how long it lasts, but even without the detail the decanter looks really really nice, which is why I had to buy him!

5. Dishcloth

I mean, look at it, it´s just cute or?

6. Small glasses (SALE)

I love the little bubbles and I thought they go really well with the decanter, right? And they have the perfect size, for serving with a coffee, or just do drink an iced Espresso out of it. Or when my little sister comes to visit me!

7. Salad Servers

This was love at the first look! They are golden, they are fancy, they are just beautiful! And I absolutley adore the little leaf detail! These salad Servers make eating salad a Little bit more fun!


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