CELEBRATION: How to throw an epic Pizza Party

“Surround yourself with pizza, not negativity!“

As I told you in my recent post I passed my A-Levels and my dad celebrated his late birthday party, therefore we threw an epic pizza party. We have a big pizza oven in the garden, which my dad built, so we just invited a bunch of people and made some crazy pizzas. I thought I share some impressions with you, how I organized everything, how much dough you need for so many people and all that kind of stuff, so you are able to throw yourself an epic pizza party!


So we invited around 25-30 people, which is quite a lot, so I suggest you throw such kind of party’s in the summer where people can go in your garden, or on your balcony or terrace, or you just can open all of your windows in your flat, which makes it a little summary.

I prepared a list for you so you can check if you missed something.

The day before:

1. You have to think about all the versions of pizza you want to make and buy ingredients. Definitely make a shopping list because this can be quite overwhelming. We had 5 types of pizza and let me assure you that is more than enough, I wouldn´t do more than that. Also people will start to mix and match with the ingredients.
We bought everything for Pizza Margaritha, Tonno, Salami, Ham and Pineapple and Feta,Rucola no Figs wich is combination of my mum! You have to try it! By the way it was the most loved pizza combination on our little feast!

2. Consider if you want to do some kind of dessert or sweet for after the pizza. We had just some small pieces for cheesecake, which was perfect, because cheesecake has to be prepared the day before in order to be really cold. Also you can cut cheesecake in really small, but cute cubes, if you bake it in a square tin. Set the ingredients for your dessert on your shopping list too.  

 If you have no ice cube machine as we do, you have to prepare some ice cubs the day before! 

Day X

4. You have to prepare the pizza dough, so it can rise a bit! This has to be done at least 5hours before, so the dough has enough time! From time to time you have to knead it. We made 20 pizzas with 5kg of dough.

 Whether you have a pizza oven or a normal oven, you have o heat it, so it is hot enough. 

6. Something which is also really handy is to set up a pizza stop. So you set up a table where you provide all the ingredients and roll out the pizza dough, so your guest can make their own pizzas. Especially with kids this is great fun! 

. A good party comes with good drinks too! We set up a drink table too, so everybody just took what he needed. But we prepared some Hugo’s and Aperol Sprizz so that the people just had to grab them. Make sure to have cold water too! We also placed some ice cubs, lime and lemon pieces and drinking straws on the table too!  

Some impressions

We set up a big table for everybody and I decorated it with lots of candles and flowers and made it look really really nice. However in the end everybody just grabbed a piece of pizza and sat in the garden on the stairs and wherever they found a space. Nobody was sitting at the table, so don´t worry if you don´t have enough seating space for everybody, they´ll find your way! 

In the evening it Wasa little bit chilly, so we provided some blankets, lit some candles Andalusien some fairy lights. Especially the fairy lights by Good Moods (here) are incredible, because you can design your own color palette, they look incredible and Zhou can hang them up or just place them on the table 
for some cozy Summer feeling. 

8 thoughts on “CELEBRATION: How to throw an epic Pizza Party

  1. This was an extensive and detailed list-which was something I really wasn’t expecting from the humble pizza party. Good job!! Not planning on throwing one myself anytime soon haha but I’ll definitely be consulting this list if I do


      1. I’ll let you know, though the last party I planned was a bit of a disaster haha. I tried to bake everything from scratch for an afternoon tea party. A lot of the food wasn’t made on time or didn’t turn out so great. Luckily I have amazing friends who were really supportive and we ended up having more than enough food anyway. Phew!


      2. Uhh yeah I had that too, but I think with cupcakes I think! But this “disaster” made one of my best memories ever! And you know that you have just the best friends in the world, right? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Most definitely! Hehe good to know I’m not the only one who has had baking fail-another one was when I accidentally put baking soda instead of icing sugar over the cake my boyfriend and I had made…..it was all going well till then too!


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