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BEAUTY: Sephora Haul #1

Here it comes:the first haul on my blog! Recently i went to Sephora to buy nothing and just have a look. I think we all know how this ended up, yes right I bought a ton of stuff I liked and wanted to try out. I mean sometimes you have to treat yourself right? At least I said this to my bank card when I put her back into my wallet after spending a bit (more) of money in there. I have to say that some of these things were the best buy in my life so I don`t regret anything, but I stay away from Sephora quite some time I think now. But without further rambling, because you are not here to hear me complaining, I show you the things I bought!

1. Moisture Surge Gel by Clinique

Me and my mum had this for a long time already but in the cream version, which was really nice. We thought that for Summer the gel version may be better,so we gave it a try. The only thing which changed is the consistency, which I like better with the gel, but my mum loves the cream more, so it depends. Just to say, you can use the moisture surge with every skin type in my opinion, because I have oily skin and my mum dry skin and it works both ways. I use this every morning under my make up and I recognised that it prevents the make up from cracking, which is really nice especially in Summer. So I can definitely recommend this product in the gel and the cream version.

Gel here / costs 30 Euro/ 50ml

2. Luminous Silk by Georgio Armani

I think I hop on the train very late, since I saw every beauty guru rave on this foundation already. Normally I am quite unconscious when it comes to this beauty hypes, because I am not sure how much certain people are payed for saying their words, so I normally read different opinions, test the product in real life before I  buy anything. With the foundation I had the problem that I had no chance to test it anywhere, soI didn’t buy it, but when I walked into Sephora and saw the counter I went straight there and tested the foundation and let me say Ohhh myyyy freeakinn gooood! I was really really impressed with how the foundation felt, smelled and covered, so I bought it. Since that day I don`t want to wear an other foundation in my life. This foundation is everything I was looking for!

Reveal your inner light. Inspired by charmeuse silk, “The Fabric of Emperors,” this luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow.

Using exclusive Micro–fil™ technology to sculpt and brighten, this buildable, medium coverage foundation improves texture and blurs imperfections. Comes in 24 shades to match every unique skin tone.

I think that the description on the Armani Beauty Sides describes the product very well, because you really feel your inner light coming out, applying the foundation! I highly recommend to try it yourself! I have an extra tip for you: if you can’t get hold o the Armani Foundation, The “Born this Way” Foundation by Too Faced is a good dupe for that.

Foundation here / costs ca. 55 Euro/ 30 ml

3. Love Light  Highlighter in “You light up my life” by Too Faced

The next train I hop on very late: the highlighter train. I have to say I was really afraid putting highlighter on for a very long time, because I have oily skin and putting more glow on me in Summer, wasn’t my favourite thing, so I stayed away from highlighter. But then I saw a picture (unfortunately I can’t remember who it was), where the girl put highlighter very settled on and it really looked nice and healthy, although she had natural glowing skin. So the moment I walked in Sephora and saw that Too Faced highlighter I wanted to give it a try. I am a big fan of Too Faced products (especially the peach palette blew my mind…I mean the smell and the colours and just oh my god) and after buying this highlighter I am a an even bigger fan! It gives you that your skin but better glow and looks really natural. So for everybody that has oily skin and want some extra special glow, this highlighter is perfect.

Highlighter here/ costs ca 27 Euro

4.Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay

This is not a new addition to my make up bag, but a really loved one. I think this is the fourth time rebuying it and I really like it. The mascara has a big wand, which is what I prefer, it holds really long and it doesn’t settle in the crease, which is something I struggle often with, because my lashes are long from nature. So I love that too!

Mascara here/ costs ca. 26 Euros

5.Coconut Make Up Remover Wipes by Sephora

I thought I am going to give them a try, because Make Up Remover Wipes I need everyday and they should smell like coconut. I say should, because these wipes don’t smell at all like coconut. Maybe a little bit like vanilla but definitely not more and not good. Furthermore they don’t remove your make up at all, they distribute it through your whole face, so sorry but this was the last time I bought them.

Maybe you have more luck here/ costs 5,90 Euro

6.Freshmade Coconut Mask by Skinfood

I bought it because I was on the hunt for a mask that you put on your face, leave there for ten minutes and wash off. First of all let me say this is not that kind of mask, I saw when I opened it at home, but I have to say I didn’t read the description on the back where it said that it is a overnight mask. So I had no mask, but I was running out of my night cream, so I used the mask as a night cream instead, which worked out really really well, because my skin cleared and it feels moisturised and  a little bit more dense and springy if you know what I mean. The only thing I hate about it is the consistency, as it is reallyslippy and more like a mousse. So I recommend this product, but not as a mask but a night cream or a night gel.

Mask here/ costs 12,95 Euro
Let me know if you tried something and liked it or hated it!

Love, Sophie

8 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Sephora Haul #1

  1. Ive heard so much about the Clinique Moisture Surge and the packaging is so dang cute! Also your flat lays are goals! I’m just starting out my blog/pictures, I’d love some tips and tricks 🙂
    Uhreej ⚡️|

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    1. Yeah give it a try it is really really good! Yes the packaging is gorgeous, it looks really nice on your bathroom shelf too! Thank you so much!❤ Maybe I will do a post about blog photography, but I am definitely not a pro at all!🤔😬

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do it!! Even more reason to do it if you’re not pro, most of your readers are likely not pros either but we’d all benefit from it 🙂
        Uhreej ⚡️|

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