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DRINKS: “Bounty” Iced Latte


Every year when the days start to gain some temperature and the sun says hello for at least a few hours, I start to invent new creations of drinks. Last week I had some serious cravings for chocolate and coffee, but we had no chocolate left, so I decided to do a sweet latte instead (I normally don´t drink sweet coffee). The creation that came out was really nice and I am definitley going to make it in the future again (or when I have some serious chocolate cravings again, which means pretty soon).

As you all know, I am the biggest coconut fan on planet earth and when it comes towards Summer, there comes nothing between me and an ice cold latte. This recipe combines three of my favourite things in the world: coconut,coffee and chocolate (the holy C,s). I mean there is nothing better right? Imagine yourselve having a “Bounty” Iced Latte on a tropical Island with palm trees and an endless beach! Unfortunatley I can´t give you the Tropical Island, the palm trees or the beach, but if you make the “Bounty” iced latte and close your eyes, the rest will come from itself! So let´s get the coconuts falling!

By the way, don´t be confused by hoe easy that recipe is!


You will need for one latte:

  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 1 shot of espresso
  • ice cubs
  • chocolate sauce
  • some shredded coconut


The only Thing you have to do is to put the coconut milk and the ice cubes in a jar, pour your Espresso in, put as much chocolate sauce on top as you like, sprinkle the shredded coconut on top and garnish with a fancy straw. Voila!

Something that my sister suggested (after I photographed and drunk the whole heaven) was that you can stick a piece of bounty on a toothstick and put it on the glass like I did here with the blueberries. May be a nice touch for when you serving this to your friends!

I hope you enjoyed a short vacation on Bounty Island! Let me know in the comments, if you have any latte creations that you really like! Would love to try some new ones.


2 thoughts on “DRINKS: “Bounty” Iced Latte

  1. Der klingt ja extrem lecker!! Ich nehm mir jeden Sommer wieder vor öfter Eiskaffe zu trinken, aber irgendwie schaff ich es nie! In Kombination mit Kokosnussmilch klingt das allerdings sehr genial! Vl. muss ich das glatt mal ausprobieren. 🙂
    GLG aus Linz,
    Pebbles and Blooms

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