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DRINKS: Three Takes on the classic Gin & Tonic


First of all I have to apologize, because I got to know Gin & Tonic quite recently. I had no idea about how good it was! Furthermore I have to admitt, that I became a little bit obsessed over the past two months… maybe has something to do with my A-Levels. When I visited a party quite recently, I met somebody who did pepper in their Gin & Tonic and I was a little bit confused, since I was a Gintonic newbee and had to deal with the classic before getting experimental.

But the acquaintance had something really good because I started to think about other Gin & Tonic combination. As I usually do, I started my search for some Inspiration on Pinterest and OMG there are some bloomin´lovely recipes on there, so I couldn´t decide which one to take as an inspiration, which is the reason why you guys are getting three versions of Gin & Tonic today.

Just in case you need some help with deciding which one to make first: I liked the cucumber/rosemary one the most, but if you are more of a sweet person as my mum: she liked the rose one the most!

1.Gin & Tonic with Rosemary, Cucumber, Lime and Pepper


You will need for one glass: 

– 3 slices of cucmber, 2 slices lime, 1 twigg rosemary, 20cl Tonic water and 2cl Gin, some ice cubs

-Put the ice cubs in a glass, put the gin on top, then add the rosmary, the cucumber and the lime and fill the glass up with tonic water.







2. Gin & Tonic with Rose and Pomegranate

-20cl Tonic water, 2cl gin, 20ml rose syrup, pomegranate seeds, some fresh mint to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgarnish, ice cubes

-Put the ice cubes and the rose syrup in a glass, add the gin, fill up with Tonic water and garnish with mint










3.Gin & Tonic with Raspberry and Elderflower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA-20cl Tonic water, 2cl Gin, 20ml elderflower syrup, a hand full of raspberries, some lemon and rosemary to garnish, ice cubes

-First put the elderflower syrup and the raspberries in your glass and mix until you have a smooth Sauce, then add the gin, the tonic water and the ice cubes, garnish with some lemon

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