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BEAUTY: 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the last couple of weeks, some new beauty items made their way into my routine and they quickly became favourites of mine, which is the reason I had to show them to you. Some of them are Summer themed, others are just suitable for Summer. Maybe you find some Inspiration for your own Summer Beauty routine. Let´s get the waves rolling!

So when I was in Munich a couple of weeks ago, I was on the hunt for a new day cream because I ran out of mine. For  the past few months I used a day cream by Clarins and it was really amazing and recomandable, but I wanted to try some new things for Summer. I decided to go for the “Soins Eclat Cream”. Although you have to wear a sunprotect with it, since it hasn´t any SPF, it has the perfect consistency for Summer, due to the fact that it is a little bit thicker, therefor the cream is very hydrating and the smell is outstanding and very fresh.

Inspired by endless beach days catching coconut waters and pineapple winds.


In addition I found the love of my life when it comes to body Lotion in Munich. The new “Topanga Waves” range by &OtherStories is just me in a bottle. The body lotion comes in a really nice packaging (as all the &OtherStories beauty products, by the way) and  it smells like Pina Colada which is right up my street. The cream itself is very hydrating and not sticky at all, which is something I am very happy about. Obviously I had to get the body lotion and the hand cream, which is outstanding too, by the way.



Also a new addition to my “very small nude nail polish collection” is Lady Like by Essie, which is a more pinky/violett kind of nude. In Summer  I love these kinds of nude, because they accomplish your tanned skin very nice. The polish itself is marvellous as the other Essie polishes are too.

Another new addition in my life is my foundation from Yves Saint Laurent, which is very light and therefor perfect for summer. It isn´t a full coverage foundation, but you can build it up to a certain level. Personally I like light and sheer foundations in Summer, as they don´t sink in every pore of your face and leave a much more naturally finish. Furthermore I think that you look more healthy with a tan in Summer, so you don´t need much foundation, maybe just to cover up the usual redness.

Last but not least, I stumbled across, my favourite new discovery for lips: The Aquasource Pump and Glow by Biotherm, which is a lip plumping gloss with a hint of a  colour. Normally I hate lip glosses, I can´t stand them at all, but this one isn´t sticky at all, which is a bless for people with long hair. It just leaves a “your lips but better” finish and it makes your lips a little bit “plumpier”.

I hope you find some new products to try and love as much as I love them. Leave me a comment, if you have some favourites for me to try,

Love, Sophie

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