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TRAVEL: 10 Things to do in Vienna


As the last part of my “Vienna Blogposts”, I share some of the things with you, that in my opinion, have to be the ultimate Bucket List for Vienna. Whether you are staying just one day in Vienna or a whole week, this Bucket List is for You.

1. Eat a famous “Wiener Schnitzel”

This is a must-do! Although I don´t like breaded things, for the “Schnitzel” at Figlmüller´s I make an exeption. They are thin, crispy and absolutley delicious. You have to try it.

2. Visit the “Albertina”

Even if you don´t visit the exhibition itself, you have to stay in front of the Albertina and just look around you. This may be my favourite place in Vienna, because the view and the architecture is incredible.


3. Have a stroll across the “Naschmarkt”

I think you can´t say anything more than, that the “Naschmarkt” is an absolute experience, especially in Summer.

4.Have a delicious cake at “Demel”

If you stay in Vienna, you have to have a cake from “Demel”. Especially the famous “Sachertorte” is a must-eat. Personally I think the Demel Sachertorte is better than th original one from the “Hotel Sacher”, but this is a personal Preference.

5.Visit the jewish Museum

Even if you don´t visit the exhibition, the book shop is incredible there.


6.Visit “Schönbrunn”

“Schönbrunn” is one of my favourite places in Vienna. The view from the “Gloriette” is just incredible and with the warmer weather Schönbrunn is just a nice place to spent some time. If you are travelling with Kids, Schönbrunn offers a really nice guidance through the Castle for Kids and you can visit the zoo too.

7.Take the tram

I love Trams! You can just sit there and watch the City, but it doesn´t costs as much as one of These Sightseeing tours. Whenever you want to travel from A to B just take the tram and you are going to see so much more from a City.


8.Visit the Prater

I don´t mean the amusement park, I mean the big green park. Especially in spring it is a wonderful spot to have a beer, a walk or even a picknick.

9.Visit the Belvedere

This is one of my favourite places of Vienna. The exhibitions are normally really nice, but also the whole facility is just beautiful too.

10. Look above!

As a big fan of architecture I love to discover the things above me!



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