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Coffee Machine 

I am constantly working from home, for this blog, for school or for “Fräulein Sophie” products, and I have to say I want some changes in my work environment because sometimes I have the feeling that the seeling is coming of. Also I don´t think that the part of my room where my desks stand, represents me or my attitude. It doesn´t feel right and I recognized that I work from the big table in our dining room a lot more, but I can´t concentrate as much as I should do there. So I thought I share with you my ideas, some picks and the cravings I have to make my home office more productive.

Since I live at my parents house ( I am doing my A Levels at the moment, as you can read here), I don´t have that much space, although I have to say that I am very blessed with the space I can call mine. Unfortunatly I live under the roof, so I don´t have high walls for “normal” shelfs or space to put pictures on the wall. And my room is violet (I know know….), which is definatly a mistake I made with twelve years when I moved in, because today it doesn´t suit me at all. This is the first thing I want to change. I want the walls to be white and light.

I don´t have water in my room, so I want to create a little something, where I can put my Nespresso Machine, a few bottles of water and some snacks maybe.Regal

I think that something like this is really important to have nearby, because on your way to the kitchen or the bathroom to get some water, you will find thousands and thousands of things that will need your attention and stop you from work and your workflow. When you return to your desk you won´t be in your work flow anymore and work will be done very slowly.

The second thing I really want to do is to get more organized and decluttered.I think there is so much stuff in my work environment, that I will never use in my life. Also I love shelfs that are organized, they just look so beautiful, especially in white with some pastel accents.

Last but not least I want to add some really nice details, since I have all the big furniture such as a desk or a chair, but I miss some really nice things that boost my mood and my productivity. Some nice pictures, some flowers, a bowl with snacks.

On the picture down below you will find some things I want to have for my home Office, maybe you will find something for yours too.

Mit pInnadel

1.Lamp here

2.Plate for cookies or jewellery here

3.Cup here

4.Magazine holder here

5.Glass Vase here

home office


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