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LIFESTYLE: Coffee in bed, family time and fresh flowers

It´s been such a long time since I did a personal post on here so I thought that I change that today and give you a little life update.

As you may know: I am currently doing my A-Levels. The first exam is going to be at the beginning of May, so the next few weeks will be very stressfull for me but also for my family, because I can´t do as much in our family life as I used to do. But they understand, which is something I am very grateful for.

My weeks are very busy and stressfull with everything I have to do, there is hardly any time to catch up with friends or go for a walk or all the other things I love to do. Something which was reduced as well was my pensum of sport, which is something that I miss. I don´t feel as good as I did at the beginning of the year. But I have the slight feeling that there won´t be really time to change that since the hard times are still ahead of us.

However, with all the stress in school there are definitly things I enjoy and appreciate more than before. One of these things is my family.I think I never loved being home with my family, drinking a coffee on the terrace with them or just chatting to them, more in my life. I can´t say if it is the stress or the fact that I am going to have my “own” life in the nearer future that makes me so clingy. For the first time in my life I understand my dad who has a stressfull job and never wanted to go away on the weekend but just stay at home and relax. One thing I also do on the weekends is getting up really early, because I have recognized that if I mess up my sleeping pattern on the weekend I am not as productive as I could during the week, which is really inefficent because that means I have to do more on the weekend.

In the weekend I started to make “sudoko” again with a cup of coffee in my bed before I get up completley. I used to this for a very long time and I was really fast in solving the hard ones but I am not anymore so I started to practise this more, since it promotes your brain, which is something I take with open arms before the A-Levels.

If I don´t study for school or my A-Levels, I really enjoy writing this blog. It became my daily meditation session. I am full of anticipation for sitting here, writing, brainstorm, photograph or making my ideas a thing. It motivates me and keep me going. It´s funny because back in December I thought there won´t be a single blogpost until July when everything is finished, but as it is in life everything comes different as it seemed to come.In this case it is a very positiv Thing.

Other then School and my blog I have to sort out what I am going to do after the A-Levels which is a story for ist own. There are so many things that you can do nowadays, so that it is really confusing to look through. But I will let you know when there is something concrete to say. Until then I wish you all a nice week.

Love, Sophie

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