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DIY: Marble Computer Cover

Evertime I was on Pinterest I saw those Pictures with the marble covered laptops, a bowl with berries and a cup of coffee and I really liked them (not just because of the coffee…). Furthermore I wanted a protection for my laptop, because he has definitely seen better times. So I went on Amazon and Etsy and searched for such a marble cover but I had no luck. There were covers for Mac Books everywhere but I work on a Sony Vaio and I had no luck with that. That´s the reason why I made my own one, which was really really easy and didn’t cost as much. I am going to show you today ow you can make your own cover, which is suitable for all kinds of laptops! Let´s make your world a little bit more marble!


You will need:

  • your laptop (surprising hah?)
  • a ruler
  • a scissor
  • marble design foil, which you can get on Amazon here, or in a local building supplies store)


The first thing you have to do, is to measure out your laptop plus an extra centimeter. Then draw your measurements on the backside of your design foil ( not the one with the marble print). Cut out your piece of foil. Now comes the part that is a little bit tricky. If you have somebody, ask somebody for some help because it is much more easier. Remove the protection paper from the foil, so that you have the sticky side out, then place the foil on your laptop. If it is right on their push from the middle to the outside to remove any air bubbles. Now you can cut everything that is to much. If there are any air bubbles left, just take a needle and make a small whole into the bubble, so the air can come out. Et voila there you have your marble Pinterest style Laptop!


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