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RECIPE: Rose Latte


For my mum roses are the same, as for others their favourite boyband. If you say the word “rose” in presence of mum you will get her attention for sure. I found a similar (with sugar) recipe on the Nespresso Website and since we have a nespresso coffee machine for several years now (and we are in love with her. I even got one myself in my office….the best thing ever), I thought I make this latte for my mum and she loved it. So if you like the taste of roses, you are going to love this.

You will need for one big latte:

  • -a shot of your favourite Espresso
  • -1½ table spoon rose water, preferably natural
  • -200 ml of your preferable milk     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Add the rose water to your milk. If you have a milk frother just froth your milk as you would normally. If you haven´t then you have to take a small sauce pan where you heat up the milk. Meanwhile make a normal or double espresso as you would normally. Then you just have to combine your espresso with as much rose milk, as you like. Enjoy!






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