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LIFESTYLE: My 5 Favourite Series on Netflix

netflix-2Since April is the month with the baddest weather in general, I thought I would share some Netflix-series with you that I love. First I want to say that I don´t like mystery or horror things, so if that is your kind of style, I am sorry but this post won´t be for you… I am more that kind of person that likes documentaries, history or criminal kind of series. I like to learn in front of the TV or at least try to figure out who did this and this. But without more rambling I will introduce you to the Netflix world of Fräulein Sophie.

1.Chef´s Table:

It has to be the first one. OMG…. for a Person who loves loves loves making food, styling food, learn about food and then finally eat the food this is the holy grail, without a doubt. The series takes you along the way with the best chefs on our planet. It gives you an insight in their personality, why they cook like they cook, into their philosophy and of course their kitchen.Each episode covers one international chef and his life and restaurant. It´s a travel around the worldwide styles of food. Just incredible, as the Pictures are, because the series isn´t just from a content kind of view outstanding but moreover the pictures and the whole style are outstanding.

2.White Collar:

My best recommanded this one to me when I was ill a few weeks ago and I watched the whole series in a week or so because it is so good. I am normally not a “binge” watcher but in this case there was no other way.

The series is about Peter Bourke, a FBI agent in New York, who needs the help of the captive art forger Neil Caffrey to solve an art robbery. Throughout the case Peter and Neal become friends and the FBI makes a deal with Caffrey: Neal can help the FBI to solve cases and then he can fulfill his remaining imprisonment with an electrical tag. The different cases and the Background story are really really fascinating. An extra plus is “Mozzie”, Neal´s special friend which is played by the same actor as Stanford in Sex and the City.


3.Tales of light:

It´s nearly the same as Chef´s Table but with famous photographers. Like at “Chef´s Table” the pictures are stunning.

4.Call the midwifes:

My mum, who is a historian, is currently writing a book about birth and midwifes and all that Kind of stuff and she accidently stumbled across this series on Netflix and now we are all addicted to it.

The series takes place in London shortly after the second world war, where in the slums some young midwifes help the poor people at midwifery. There are many different stories with the pregnant woman and their family but also some internal stories of the midwifes. If you don´t like blood then you may want to skip this recommondation, because although the series is fictional, it is very detailed. Or you skip just the birth scenes and watch more of the beautiful costumes and fashion they wear. So cute. netflix-3

5.The Crown:

Last but not least, I know we all heard of it, but I love it: The Crown. I am a big fan of the Queen so it was a must-see for me and I weren´t dissapointed. I think the series is beautiful made, well researched and the actors are really authentic and well choosed. Furthermore I think the life of the Queen is fascinating. So what else?

If you have any series, that you think might suit my taste, please let me know!

Love, Sophie

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