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RECIPE: Blueberry Mint Smoothie

smoothie6In the past few years the word “smoothie” got a completly new reputation and image. I mean if you ask my Granny what a breakfast smoothie is, she looks at you like she saw a ghost. But if you type the word “smoothie” into the searchbar on Pinterest, you will find thousands of recipes of different kind of smoothies that benefit your health, your hair, your skin, long sentence short: a smoothie is the new way to achieve everything.


I don´t drink that often smoothies, for me they do not replace food (as the famous breakfast smoothie), they are more of an afternoon Snack or just a lovely drink. When I do drink a smoothie, then because I love the taste of it and just enjoy it. Due to that I am going to show you today a recipe for a Blueberry Mint Smoothie that will take you less then 3 minutes to make.

smoothie-2You will Need for 1 Portion:

  • 200g Blueberries
  • 100g plain joghurt
  • 12-13 mint leaves
  • some water or milk (or soy, almond or coconut milk)

Just put all your ingredients in a blender, whisk and pour it into a nice glass. If it is hot outside you can add some ice too. Something which also like is to replace the mint with a banana or half an apple.

Definatly let me know if this smoothie benefits your body in any way maybe I drink smoothies more often then;)


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