INSPIRATION: Easter Decoration

Although I am more of a winter lover, I love the spring when everything is clean and fresh. As you can guess I am a big fan of the annual spring clean. I think that it just gives you personal a better feeling, if you that everything is sorted and there is no clutter around you. zweigeBut I think the best part is the redecorating after the spring clean. Some fresh flowers here, some new pictures there and maybe a new favourite cushion. Today I am going to show you how I brought some spring and freshness in my room.

1.Some fresh flowers:

zweige-2Fresh flowers, what else? There is no spring without some sprinkles of fresh green throughout your home. This year I love those little white daffodils planted in a big vase, so you can see the roots too. I think that the mix of glass and”nature” Looks really sophisticated and fresh. hyazinten-zwei

The second thing I find very appealin this year are hyacinths wrapped in white parchment paper fixed with a nice string. It is very easy but has a really nice touch, especially arranged on a silver plate and maybe some nice white and black, or glitter easter eggs, since easter is around the corner.

For the lazy ones: just take a vase and get some branches at the local flower shop or bring the home from a nice walk. Arrange them in the vase. They look very nice on a dresser with some nice pictures in the background.


2.Some new Pictures

I think it is important to change up the pictures in your home from time to time. Or replace some pictures with a nice print of a quote (you can find some really nice ones on Pinterest or DaWanda). But you can also just rearrange the ones you already have. Just bring a little freshness into them.



3.Sophisticated Easter Eggs:

As you may know I am a big fan of white, grey, black and nudes when it Comes to interior and clothing and I find it really hard to find some easter eggs in store that compliment this way of living, so I had a little search on Pinterest and found some really cool ideas. I thought I share some with you. eggs-2












All the pictures are from Pinterest. You can find them on my page Fräulein Sophie.













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