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TRAVEL: A Day In Venice





img_3269Venice has always been one of my favourite cities around the world. I love the water everywhere, the architecture, the colours and all the little things you discover when you stroll through the city. Since we had holidays last week my family and I decided to have a little one day vacation in Venice. From where I live Venice is just about 2 hours by car. Unfortunatly the weather wasn´t as good as hoped for as you can see on the pictures, but nevertheless Venice was just as beautiful as in sunshine.

If you go by car to Venice there is a really nice and affordable car park just when you´ve passed the Long bridge from the onshore at the right. From there you walk about 15-20 Minutes to “Markusplatz”. Ón your way to “Markusplatz” you will pass the “Canale Grande” if you want even the “Rialtobridge” which is one of the famous sighseeings of Venice. On the bridge there are Little shops with souvenirs from Venice.img_3216 Some of them are really nice and handmade and others are just the usual souvenirs you get in every bigger city. Something you should definatly check out are the colourful masks which are typical for Venice. If you get the chance then visit Venice for the famous “Carnivale”, which is in February.


Venice is also very famous for their gondolas. Just to warn you they are very expenisve. But they are beautifully made and you feel like princess.


Something I learned from my many visits in Venice is that Venice has two sides: the side where all the tourists are and everything more expensive is and the calm and beautiful side of Venice aside from all the known ways. Above all you have to visit the past jewish ghetto of Venice. There are some architectural master pieces and the best bakery of the city, which is called “Majer”. img_3320But I think they have two more shops in the city. Especially their Version of a Bismarck, filled with Zabajone cream deserves the name heaven on earth, together with an italian espresso of course. Since I am a make-up lover Venice for me means also a stop and shop at the Sephora store since we don´t have Sephora in Austria.

I hope you enjoyed the little stroll through venice. Let me know if you have some Venice recommandations from your side! Love, Sophie






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