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Outfit: The Red Dress


I found it the perfect red dress I was looking for for years and years. I wanted a Dress like this forever.It is a mix between “Breakfast at Tiffany,s” and those Sunday Teatime Dresses. I think that this shape of dress suits my body type, since I have some curves, but it hugs you in the right places.


I found the dress at the GAP outlet. Unfortunately it isn´t available anymore in regular stores but there is a similar one available here .

Altough red was a big step in colour for my wardrobe I think that a dress in colour is something I can easily combine with other things. Or wear it in the summer with some nice sandals or wedges. Especially gold Looks really nice with it. For me Fashion has to be comfortable and easy to wear. Fashion has to be fun and make you happy.

img_9011It doesn´t matter which size you are as long as you love yourself. It took me quite some time to realize that and sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and think “I don´t eat anything for the next ten years” but one thing I really want to try this year is to love my body more and to take care of him. This isn´t the usually “weight loss” motivation you have at the beginning at the year but more likely something to make a happier me.




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