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Ultimate Hair Care Tips to Try This Winter

Why not using the New Year to make your hair the best it ever was?

Todays post comes from the lovely Tracey from HighStyleLife. Have a look on her lovely blog and check also this blog post out, which she wrote for you in December.

While winter time is all about holidays, presents, and euphoria, current weather conditions can really take a toll on your hair. Low temperatures, harsh wind, and static electricity from wool scarves and sweaters can make your hair look dull and brittle. Since prevention is always better than cure, winter is the best time to start treating your hair right, so here are several hair care tips to try immediately.


Cover it up

No woman loves the way her hair looks after taking off a hat, but protecting your hair from severe winter conditions is a must. Wool hats and scarves bring static electricity which can cause some of your hair to stick up and get out of place. To avoid this, opt for silk scarves to wrap your head. Of course, silk is not warm enough for low temperatures but you can always wear it under your regular hat. That way, you’ll stay warm and your hair will be protected at the same time.

Don’t wash too often3

Washing your hair on a daily basis is never a good idea, especially in the winter when decreased humidity makes your hair dry. Wash your hair two or three times a week and try to avoid using hot water. It doesn’t have to be cold either but keep it lukewarm so you don’t dry out your scalp. If your hair gets greasy easily, try delaying the washing by learning how to make a bandana wrap, double braids, and other trendy hairstyles that help cover up greasy hair.

4Heal your hair from within

Protecting your hair from the outside conditions is important but moisturizing it from the inside is even more important. It’s like feeding your hair to become stronger and it’s done by soaking it up with store-bought or homemade masks. Whatever you choose, make sure it has the right ingredients. For winter time, you’ll want moisturizing, humectant ingredients, such as oils, honey, clay, etc. Whether your hair is damaged, prone to breakage, or dry, there’s a natural remedy for every problem, so make sure you try this before reaching out to commercial conditioners and hair masks.

Stay away from heat

It goes without saying that heat from hair dryers, hair straighteners and curlers is not good for your hair but it’s understandable why it is hard to refrain from it during the colder period. Leaving your home with slightly wet hair is a big no, so blow drying is often unavoidable. You can make it easier for your hair by not washing it and, therefore, not having to dry it that often. Next, you should invest in a high-quality blow dryer that has a cool setting. Also, don’t rub your completely wet hair with a towel – the friction it causes can lead to breakage. Instead, gently remove excess water from hair and let it dry freely for a while.

Don’t neglect regular trims 2

Just like during the rest of the year, regular trims are a must if you want nice hair in the winter, too. Pay a visit to a hairdresser every six to eight weeks to get at least a light dusting and refresh your haircut. Alternatively, you can learn to trim your own hair – all you need is a pair of sharp scissors (that you will use for this purpose only!), some skill and a bit of patience. This way, you can save up a ton of time and money and keep your hair fabulous.

Try incorporating the things listed above into your hair care routine and you won’t even notice that the winter is here. What’s even better – you’ll be able to enjoy all winter joys without constantly worrying about how your hair will look afterwards.

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